October 2013 Newsletter from Allegheny College (PA)

Peruse the newsletter from Allegheny College; a private, liberal arts institution in Meadsville, PA.  It is the 32nd oldest college in the U.S.  I visited the campus 9/10/13 and it is located 90 miles from both Pittsburgh (PA) and Cleveland (OH).  Ranked as the 55th “greenest college,” the campus’ electricity is powered by wind.  Writing is a curriculum focus, regardless of a student’s major.  Read the newsletter for open house events and other campus distinctions, and visit the website for more information.


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The Thirteenth Plank
Why “The 13th Plank?”
As you can  imagine, the fall academic session (and recruiting season) is well  underway. Allegheny College enters its 199th year of existence and the  excitement is building strong as we look forward to our bicentennial  celebration. As always, if you happen to be in Western Pennsylvania and can pay  us a visit, we’d love to host you, both with or without your students.
This newsletter will be sent to you on a monthly basis. Given  all there is to tell about the Allegheny story and our continued success  with our students, I hope you will find it a good read!
Enjoy the fall!
Brian F. Dalton, Ph.D.
Vice President for Enrollment and College Relations
Check out our newest video series to get a feel for what it’s like to be an Allegheny Gator. This is the place where students with unusual combinations of interests, talents, and skills excel.
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New NSF Grants for Research A Glimpse Into The Peace Corps
Mergerbursts… Blackholes… Microwave-Assisted Organic Synthesis… Allegheny faculty and students will be embarking on paths to new discovery thanks to two National Science Foundation grants. Courtney Columbus ’11 shares her personal experiences in the Dominican Republic, including the challenges and rewards.
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Speak Up! Five Questions with President Mullen
College can be intimidating! Allegheny Sophomore Sammi Jamison shares advice for overcoming the fear of classroom participation. What would the President ask the President? What is his favorite place on campus? Get to know the “students’ president.”
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Year of Civil Rights
This year’s annual theme, The Year of Civil Rights, continues with a  play focusing on Meadville and it’s connection to the Underground  Railroad.
Senior theater major Katie Beck created and produced the play  along with Meadville community members as part of her senior project. “Meadville and the Underground Railroad: An Original Play” will be  presented November 1 at 7:00 p.m. in the Little Theater in Arter Hall.
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Allegheny College
Allegheny College Bicentennial: 1815-2015

In 2015, our distinguished history will meet our limitless future.  Learn more about Allegheny’s past, present, and future, including: historical trivia & photos, upcoming events & celebrations, speakers, and much more!
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Oklahoma City University: Admissions, Deadline Dates & Scholarships

Peruse the abundance of information from Oklahoma City University referencing deadline dates, campus visits, admission agenda and scholarships.  OCU uses the rolling admission policy but they highly recommend applying by December 1st, to be eligible for scholarships.  They have numerous scholarships for freshmen and transfer students.


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In this Issue

Dance & Arts Management Auditions this week!
Early Decision Auditions – October 26th                                     Register by Tuesday, October 22

Applying to OCU
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Scholarship Updates

★ Freshmen Scholarships                                           Merit-Based                                           Departmental                                           Service & Leadership (Clara Luper, American Indian, and OCULeads)

★ Transfer Scholarships                                           Merit-Based                                           Departmental

Campus Visits at Oklahoma City University
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Concurrent Enrollment
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Get to know the Admissions Counselors                                     and their travel schedule
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Upcoming Events

Nov. 1, 2013 Visit Day
Business Focus
Nov. 8, 2013
Visit Day
Sciences Focus

Nov. 15 & 16, 2013 Theatre Auditions Learn More                                    

Nov. 15 & 16, 2013 Music Auditions Learn More


Important Deadlines

Dec. 4, 2013                                     Application deadline to be considered for Trustee Award

Jan. 1 – Mar. 1, 2013                                     Priority FAFSA filing period
Jan. 30, 2013                                     Application deadline for OCULeads

Mar. 3, 2014                                     Priority application deadline for OCU merit-based aid                                    (excluding the Trustee Scholarship)


Applying to OCU

Application season is upon us, and hopefully your students are working hard on filling out and completing their applications early.  Oklahoma City University offers two methods for filling out the application: the Common Application and through our website. OCU offers rolling admissions, but in order to be considered for the full range of scholarships, please encourage your students to apply by December 1, 2013.

In addition to the online application, your student must submit an application essay, official high school transcript, official SAT and/or ACT scores, and a counselor letter of recommendation. Once the completed application is received, an admission counselor will review and make a decision within a few weeks. If your student is applying for a performing arts major, an audition is required. Information varies by department, so please encourage your students to research and sign up early for their auditions.

To be considered for automatic admission to OCU, incoming freshmen must have a minimum of a 3.0 unweighted grade point average, an SAT score of 1020 or higher (OCU only considers the critical reading and math sections) or a 22 or higher on the ACT.  Transfer students must have a minimum of 29 units completed at a post-secondary institution and minimum unweighted grade point average of 2.0.  Students must not have a disciplinary record on file.  If a student does not meet these qualifications, students will be asked to submit additional documentation and our admission committee will review their application.                Please have your students contact their admission counselor if they have any additional questions. We appreciate all the work you do in assisting your students through this process.

Freshmen Scholarships

At Oklahoma City University, we appreciate the importance of a high quality, affordable education. In fact, more than 90 percent of OCU students receive some type of scholarship and/or financial aid. Merit-based scholarships are awarded automatically to all qualified applicants who meet the deadline requirements.

These awards are based on a combination of your student’s unweighted cumulative grade point average (GPA) and their ACT or SAT (critical reading and verbal sections) scores. Scholarships are offered at both the university and departmental levels in arts and sciences, business, and nursing. We also offer talent-based scholarships for our performing arts majors. All scholarships are applied as a discount in tuition. Students with a minimum 3.85 GPA and a minimum 31 ACT are invited to apply for the full-tuition Trustee Scholarship.

Freshmen University Academic Merit Scholarships


Test Score Scholarship GPA                                                 3.0-3.29 GPA                                                 3.30-3.59 GPA                                                 3.60-4.0
ACT: 22-23                                                 SAT: 1020-1080 Opportunity Award $1,500.00                                                 (per year) $2,000.00                                                 (per year) $2,500.00                                                 (per year)
ACT: 24-25                                                 SAT: 1090-1160 Achievement Award $2,000.00                                                 (per year) $2,500.00                                                 (per year) $3,000.00                                                 (per year)
ACT: 26-28                                                 SAT: 1170-1280 University Award $3,000.00                                                 (per year) $3,500.00                                                 (per year) $4,000.00                                                 (per year)
ACT: 29-32                                                 SAT: 1290-1430 Presidential Award $5,000.00                                                 (per year) $5,500.00                                                 (per year) $6,000.00                                                 (per year)
ACT: 33-36                                                 SAT: 1440-1600 Provost Award $6,500.00                                                 (per year) $7,000.00                                                 (per year) $7,500.00                                                 (per year)

Freshmen Departmental Awards: (Petree College of Arts and Sciences, Meinders School of Business, and Kramer School of Nursing)


Test Score Scholarship GPA                                                 3.0-3.29 GPA                                                 3.30-3.59 GPA                                                 3.60-4.0
ACT: 22-23                                                 SAT: 1020-1080 Departmental Award $2,000.00                                                 (per year) $2,500.00                                                 (per year) $3,000.00                                                 (per year)
ACT: 24-25                                                 SAT: 1090-1160 Departmental Award $3,000.00                                                 (per year) $3,500.00                                                 (per year) $4,000.00                                                 (per year)
ACT: 26-28                                                 SAT: 1170-1280 Departmental Award $5,000.00                                                 (per year) $5,500.00                                                 (per year) $6,000.00                                                 (per year)
ACT: 29-32                                                 SAT: 1290-1430 Departmental Award $8,000.00                                                 (per year) $8,500.00                                                 (per year) $9,000.00                                                 (per year)
ACT: 33-36                                                 SAT: 1440-1600 Departmental Award $9,000.00                                                 (per year) $9,500.00                                                 (per year) $10,000.00                                                 (per year)

Scholarship Deadline Requirements

To receive any Oklahoma City University scholarship for incoming Fall 2014 freshmen: students must submit their application and all required documents* by the priority deadline of March 3, 2014 for Fall 2014 and November 1, 2014 for Spring 2015. After the priority deadlines scholarship amounts are not guaranteed. Also, the December 2013 ACT and SAT exam is the last exam which will be considered for academic and departmental scholarship upgrades. The seventh semester high school transcript is the last transcript where academic and departmental scholarship upgrades are guaranteed. (exceptions would be strongly considered for students in talent programs (academic and athletic) having performance-based state competitions or auditions post-March 3).

Trustee Scholarship:

Students with a minimum 3.85 GPA and a minimum 31 ACT composite are invited to apply for Oklahoma City University’s full-tuition Trustee Scholarship. This full-tuition scholarship covers up to 16 credit hours per semester. In order to receive this scholarship all required items for admission as well as the Trustee Scholarship Application must be submitted online to the Office of Admissions at close of business on December 4, 2013.

In addition to the Trustee Scholarship Application, applicant must prepare an essay two-page, double-spaced, typed essay which addresses:

1. What experiences in your life have led you to your chosen major?                                    2. What are the professional goals you hope to achieve in your lifetime with your chosen major?


Approximately 15 candidates will be chosen to interview with leadership at Oklahoma City University in January. After interviews are completed, eight recipients will be chosen for full-tuition Trustee Scholarship.

Service & Leadership Scholarships

Oklahoma City University offers service and leadership scholarship opportunities for incoming freshmen students. These scholarships include the Clara Luper, American Indian, and OCULeads Scholarships.
Clara Luper and American Indian Scholarships
To be reviewed for the Clara Luper or American Indian Scholarship programs, prospective students must complete the official scholarship application and meet the requirements for OCU admission, which is a 3.0 unweighted GPA and a 22 ACT/1020 SAT (excludes writing portion). Students falling below the academic criteria may be reviewed on a case by case basis by contacting the Office of Multicultural Student Affairs to explain circumstances that warrant special review.                                    The Clara Luper and American Indian Scholarships are stackable with talent-based scholarships. Awarded dollar amounts are determined based upon student financial need along with any other merit-based scholarships already awarded from Oklahoma City University. In 2013, annual award amounts ranged from $7,000 to $24,000 with an average award of $18,000. The Clara Luper and American Indian Scholarships will replace any academic and departmental scholarships previously awarded. The award does not cover university fees.                                    These scholarships are renewable for four years by maintaining 2.5 cumulative GPA and adhering to program guidelines. Recipients of the Clara Luper and American Indian Scholarships will be required to attend the Summer II session’s Mind the Gap Program on campus in July 2014. Mind the Gap is a mission-driven, academic success strategy designed to enhance student development and connect learning and servant leadership opportunities available at OCU.                                    For more information on how students can apply please visit the Clara Luper or American Indian scholarship websites. Please note, priority application deadline is February 25, 2014 and the final deadline is March 1, 2014. Encourage your students to apply early. For questions, please contact Multicultural Student Affairs at (405) 208-5171.
OCULeads: the President’s Leadership Class 
The OCULeads Scholarship is available to students showing strong leadership skills. Students must submit an essay describing a past leadership project, have a minimum of a 3.25 GPA and a 24 ACT or 1110 SAT. Also students will become a part OCULeads: the President’s Leadership Class. Application deadline is January 30, 2014. Application here!


Transfer Scholarships

At Oklahoma City University, a students application for admission is also their application for scholarships. When completing your application for admission, indicate the types of scholarships for which you would like to be considered. Students are strongly encouraged to apply for admission and scholarships early while scholarships are most abundant. In most cases, scholarships are stackable, but may not exceed the cost of tuition.

Note: As of their admission date, incoming students who have attempted less                                    than 29 credit hours after graduating high school will be considered for                                     Freshman Merit and Freshman Departmental scholarship eligibility.

Academic Scholarships Based on cumulative college GPA, renewable for a maximum of six semesters.


Scholarship Cumulative GPA                                                 Requirement Amount                                                 (per year)
Transfer Presidential Award 3.6-4.0 $6,500
Transfer University Scholarship 3.3-3.59 $5,000
Transfer Achievement Scholarship 3.0-3.29 $3,500


Departmental Scholarships Based on cumulative college GPA, renewable for a maximum of six                                    semesters. These scholarships are for students with majors within Kramer                                    School of Nursing, Meinders School of Business and Petree College of                                    Arts & Sciences. Full-time enrollment of 12 or more hours per                                    semester is required for scholarship.


Scholarship Cumulative GPA                                                 Requirement Amount                                                 (per year)
Departmental Award 3.6-4.0 $3,000
Departmental Award 3.3-3.59 $2,000
Departmental Award 3.0-3.29 $1,000

Visit Campus

What better way for your students to decide if Oklahoma City University is right fit than a campus visit? The Office of Admission offers two tours and information sessions daily, Monday-Friday at 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. During their visit to campus, they will meet with an admission counselor, take a campus tour with our Gold Star Ambassadors, and have the option to meet with a financial aid representative, visit with a faculty member, sit in on a classroom, and eat in the cafeteria.  Please note that some visit dates and activities are limited due to campus holidays and events. Encourage your students to schedule their visit early so that we can accommodate all of their needs. Click Here to Assist your Students with Scheduling a Visit Today!

2501 N. Blackwelder Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73106

College Application Deadline Extensions

Listed below are updated college application deadline extensions, due to Common Application difficulties:


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Boston University: Merit Scholarship Opportunities

Please review the scholarship opportunities from Boston University.  These are merit scholarships and have a deadline date of December 1, 2013.  Students with an outstanding academic profile and strong leadership skills should consider submitting an application.

Students with outstanding academic records and strong leadership skills may qualify for one of Boston University’s merit scholarships. We hope you will encourage them to apply.


  • Trustee Scholarship–Boston University’s most prestigious full-tuition scholarship recognizes extraordinary academic performance and leadership ability. Students must submit an essay and be nominated by their principal or headmaster.
  • Presidential Scholarship–This $20,000 renewable tuition scholarship is awarded to students with exceptional academic achievements. No additional essays or nominations are required–all students need to do to be considered is apply for admission by December 1.


The application deadline for scholarships is December 1, 2013. To learn more about the requirements of these scholarships and other merit awards offered by BU, please visit our website.

Best wishes,
John C. McEachern Director of Admissions

121 Bay State Road, Boston, MA 02215


2014 GE-Reagan Foundation Scholarship Program

Are you a college-bound high school senior with exemplary qualities; such as, leadership, motivation, integrity, scholastic aptitude, concern for others, U.S. citizenship, and financial need?  Consider pursuing the GE-Reagan Foundation Scholarship Program and reap the benefits it can provide for your college education.  The application deadline is January 9, 2014, so don’t procrastinate and miss this opportunity.


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DEADLINE: Midnight CST, January 9, 2014
Honoring the legacy and character of our nation’s 40th President, the GE-Reagan Foundation Scholarship Program rewards college-bound students who demonstrate exemplary leadership, drive, integrity, and citizenship with financial assistance to pursue higher education.  Each year, the Program selects numerous recipients to receive a $10,000 scholarship renewable for up to an additional three years – up to $40,000 total per recipient.  Awards are for undergraduate study only, and may be used for education-related expenses, including tuition, fees, books, supplies, room, and board.  In addition, Scholars are invited to participate in a special awards program.
To be eligible for this award, applicants must:
• demonstrate at school, at the workplace, and within the community the attributes of leadership, drive, integrity, and citizenship;
• demonstrate strong academic performance (minimum 3.0 grade point average/4.0 scale or equivalent);
• demonstrate financial need;
• be citizens of the United States of America;
• be high school seniors attending high school in the United States, or any of the U.S. territories and commonwealths and graduating in winter 2013 or spring 2014.  Applicants living on a U.S. Armed Forces base and attending high school outside the U.S. are eligible.  Home-schooled students who are graduating in winter 2013 or spring 2014 are also eligible.
• plan to enroll in a full-time undergraduate course of study toward a bachelor’s degree at an accredited four-year college or university in the United States for the entire 2014-2015 academic year.
In addition, semifinalists must be nominated by an eligible community leader, such as a high school principal, elected official or executive director of a nonprofit organization, and must provide documentation to certify academic performance and financial need.  Finalists will be interviewed via Skype or telephone by a member of the selection committee.  Learn more about the qualifications of a GE-Reagan Foundation Scholar or download a GE-Reagan Foundation Scholarship Program flyer here.
Qualified candidates may apply online starting October 15, 2013 through January 9, 2014 or until 25,000 applications are submitted, whichever comes first.  To be considered for this award, candidates must complete the secure online application and all of its components prior to the deadline.  Deadline extensions will not be granted, and incomplete applications will be disqualified.  Materials submitted in hard copy prior to the semifinalist stage will not be considered and will be discarded.  Only the first 25,000 completed applications will be considered.
Applicants who have questions about the application process may contact the program’s administrator, Scholarship Management Services, at 1-507-931-1682 and ask for the GE-Reagan Foundation Scholarship Program or email ge-reagan@scholarshipamerica.org . Applicants should anticipate a response to inquiries within one business day.  Personnel at GE and The Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation cannot address applicant questions.

Saint Joseph’s University (PA): “It’s the magis”

Saint Joseph’s University is located in the suburbs of Philadelphia.  I visited the campus July, 2010 and the curb appeal is one of several attractions to SJU.  Out-of-state students represent almost half of the 4500 (+,-) undergrad population.  The newsletter provides application deadlines, scholarship opportunities and a snapshot of the current freshman profile.  Visit the website for more information. http://www.sju.edu/


As you seek to refer your students to best fit colleges and universities you probably ask yourself, what makes this school different from the rest??  At Saint Joseph’s, we’ll tell you: “It’s the magis.”  Magis is a Jesuit idea and Latin word that roughly translates to “more” or “greater” – as in doing more, giving more and becoming more of what you are meant to be. It’s a culture that’s ingrained in our community. You might say it’s in our DNA.


If you have students who are interested in realizing their potential and using their talents for the benefit of others, we would love to hear from them. Our early action decision application deadline is November 15. Details about the admissions process can be found by visiting sju.edu/apply.


This past year we received 7,600 applications and enrolled 1275 students for the Class of 2017. Below you will find the academic profile for this most recent group of admitted students. We hope you will use this information to refer qualified students for the Class of 2018:


Middle 50% GPA = 3.22- 3.90/4.0

Middle 50% SAT = 1060-1230/1600

Middle 50% ACT= 23-28 (composite)


Saint Joseph’s offers competitive academic and merit scholarships. Students are automatically considered for these during the admission process. In addition to these awards there are a number of unique academic scholarships for which students may apply. These include, but are not limited to, our full-tuition Dean’s Scholarship and the John P. McNulty Scholars Program for women who declare a major and plan to pursue careers in the fields of natural science, mathematics or computer science. For more information about scholarships, go to sju.edu/scholarships. If you have any questions regarding the application and scholarship process, please contact the admissions counselor for your region. A list of our counseling staff can be found by clicking here.




5600 City Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19131

Update on College Application Deadlines (Seniors)

Listed below are application and/or deadline adjustments from several colleges who use the Common Application.  Continue to visit your college’(s)’ website for deadline updates:


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Scholarship Opportunities at Marist College (NY)/Full tuition, room and board

I visited Marist College, April 2012, and it is a private liberal arts college 75 miles from New York City.  Other colleges in the area are Vassar, West Point US Military Academy and the Culinary Institute of America.  Total population is approximately 4300 and the school became coed in 1968.  Marist is noted for its very good business school and criminal justice program. The curb appeal is heightened by breathtaking views of the Hudson River.


Marist is offering 17 scholarships to talented students who plan to major in Computer Science or Information Technology.  There will be an open house on Saturday, October 26th for interested students.  Read the dean of admission’s email and click on http://www.marist.edu/admission/technologyscholarships/  for more details.

Educational Consultant at Start Early: College & Career Planning Service


 I would like to share some exciting news:
For the incoming freshman class of fall 2014, Marist, through a joint
effort with the National Science Foundation (NSF) and Goldman Sachs, is
awarding 17 full scholarships (tuition, room, and board) to highly
talented students majoring in Computer Science or Information Technology
and Systems

All students who apply and are admitted to one of our technology programs
will be considered for these extraordinary scholarships.

Attached is the link to the Marist web site where you will find specific
information regarding this fantastic opportunity:

We are offering an information session on campus on October 26 for
prospective students who are interested in meeting faculty, students and
alumni of our technology programs.


Kent Rinehart
Dean of Admission
Marist College

Alternatives to the Common Application

If you are experiencing frequent challenges with your Common Application, there may be options for submitting your college application.  If your college is exclusively Common App, you are required to use the form.  Just be patient and hopefully the issues will be resolved, or the college will eventually consider other resolutions.
Many students, and parents, are very worried about approaching deadline dates; understandably so.  There might be alternatives for consideration, if your college accepts other applications.
There is a possibility that your college(s) might accept the Universal College Application.  If so, use this form, instead, as they are not experiencing technical problems.  There are 32 college members; that include, Harvard, Johns Hopkins, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Embry Riddle, Dean, Tulane, Lynn, Marquette and Simmons.  Visit the website for the complete list, registration and other pertinent information.
There are still many colleges that have their own specific or “personal” application that you can complete and submit.  They are encouraging applicants to use it as an alternative to the Common App, if desired.
If you are applying to one or more Historically Black Colleges, there is a Common Black College Application.  It is available through EDU, Inc.  There are 32 college members.  Visit the website for the form and details.
Regardless of the alternative you use, remember to follow directions.  If the college requires an online submission, you must comply with the instructions.  If a paper option is still available, the decision will be your choice.  Just remember to print the final copy, whether online or paper, for your personal file before it’s submitted online or mailed.
Educational Consultant
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October/November College Fairs for Maryland Students

October/November College Fairs for Maryland Students


Eleanor Roosevelt High School College Fair 

Thursday, October 10, 2013, 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM

7601 Hanover Parkway, Greenbelt, MD 20770



Albert Einstein High School College Fair

Monday, October 14, 2013, 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM

11135 Newport Mill Rd, Kensington, MD 20895



Bowie High School College Fair

Thursday, October 17, 2013, 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM
15200 Annapolis Road, Bowie, MD 20715



Congressman Donna Edwards Annual College Fair

Saturday, October 19, 2013, 8:30 AM – 1:00 PM

Oxon Hill High School

6701 Leyte Drive, Oxon Hill, MD 20745



NACAC National College Fair

Wednesday, November 6, 2013, 6:00PM – 8:00PM

Walter E. Washington Convention Center

801 Mount Vernon Place, NW, Washington, DC 20001



NACAC National College Fair

Tuesday, November 12, 2013, 5:30PM – 8:00PM

Baltimore Convention Center

One West Pratt Street, Baltimore, MD 21201