Will I Need My SAT To Get A Job???




Just when you thought you only needed to worry about SAT scores for college admission…SPOILER’S ALERT…you might need them for your job.  Yes, the new chatter is that some companies are requesting them at job interviews, and some human resource specialists say an impressive score could be a perk for a resume.  However, if submitted without request, the double-edged sword of an illustrious assessment could be interpreted as a form of vanity by some employers, so tread gingerly when posting scores.


As with college admissions, it is assumed that the scores, if requested, represent one of many factors for considering a prospective employee.  Even if an interviewer chooses to inquire about your high school years, extracurricular activities, particularly those with leadership and community service commitment, are positive attributes.   




To get an update on this new trend read the article, “Job Hunting?  Dig Up Those Old SAT Scores.”






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Summer Programs for High School Students

It may be snowing outside, for some of you, but spring is definitely on the way.  Now is the time to start seriously searching for summer programs, so you won’t miss the deadline dates and other perks.  It might also get you out of your winter slump.


Summer at Sarah Lawrence College
Pre-college and undergraduate summer courses for credit
Beautiful campus, 30 minutes from Midtown Manhattan
Open to rising HS seniors, qualified juniors, recent HS graduates
Pre-college summer, non-credit intensives open to rising 10th, 11th, 12th graders
“Shaping Your World,” July 6-9, 2014
Exploring social media’s role in transforming our society
Open to rising high school seniors
July Experience at Davidson College
3 weeks summer program for rising HS juniors and seniors
Powerful liberal arts academic experience
The George Washington University Pre-College Program
College Intensive Program for rising juniors/seniors for college credit
Summer Immersion Program (non-credit) for rising 10th,11th,12th graders
Cornell University Summer College Program for High School Students
3- and 6-week programs for talented 10th, 11th, 12th graders

AP Test and Score Information

As many of you are in the process of registering for 2014-15 classes, perhaps you are considering the possibility of AP classes, but you do not comprehend the purpose of the program and the benefits.  Many students do not understand the AP score evaluation by colleges and its correlation with letter grades.  AP scores are accepted by most, but not all colleges; consult their undergraduate admission webpage, or ask a counselor, for the acceptance and credit policy.


Surveys indicate the rigor of the courses taken and the grades earned as the priority factor in an admissions evaluation.  This position is consistently noted by colleges and universities.


Below is information from the College Board’s website regarding their Advanced Placement Program:


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Since 1955, the AP Program has enabled millions of students to take college-level courses and exams, and to earn college credit or placement while still in high school.

Overview of the AP Program

  • The AP Program offers 34 courses and exams.
  • More than 18,000 schools worldwide participate in the AP Program.
  • 33.2 percent of U.S. public high school students in the class of 2013 took an AP Exam at some point in high school. In 2013, more than 2 million students worldwide took 3.9 million AP Exams.
  • Most colleges and universities offer credit, advanced placement and/or consideration in the admission process for qualifying AP Exam scores. In 2013, approximately 3,600 U.S. and international colleges and universities received AP Exam scores.
  • Each AP Exam, with the exception of AP Studio Art, consists of multiple-choice questions that are scored by machine, as well as free-response questions (essays, translations, problems, oral responses) that are scored at the annual AP Reading by more than 11,000 college faculty and AP teachers using scoring standards and rubrics developed by college and university faculty who teach the corresponding college courses.
  • The composite score for each AP Exam is converted to a score of 5, 4, 3, 2 or 1. An AP Exam score of 5 is equivalent to grades of A+ and A in the corresponding college course; a score of 4 is equivalent to grades of A-, B+ and B; and a score of 3 is equivalent to grades of B-, C+ and C.

Am I my brother’s keeper?


Many people are in dismay by the recent report of a student discovered dead in his room; especially, collegians at University of Chicago. Residents of International House are probably more alarmed that they had no idea of the circumstances, until foul odor penetrated the building. Speculations indicate that the student might have been dead for at least seven days.  So here’s the query..how is it that no one notices you are missing, not around, unavailable, and not in class for seven days??  Would you want that to happen to you?


Those of us on the east coast have been hammered by numerous snow storms.  Did anyone check on a neighbor not seen during this havoc?  Due to the various logistics of housing areas, those who live in heavily populated vicinities may be more obvious to their neighbors, than those residents in isolated areas.  However, wouldn’t you think a college residence hall would be considered a populated building with lots of “human traffic;” able to notice something-out-of-sorts?  Just the social nature of college students gives a residence hall a feeling of community.  Or, has that changed? 

Am I my brother’s keeper?  The answer to that question is between you and your conscience.   Surely, there is a message for us all in this unfortunate story. 




Allegheny College (PA): They’ve extended their application deadline

Are you still unsure about your college plans next year?  Allegheny College (PA), approximately 90 miles from Pittsburgh, has extended its regular application deadline date to March 1st.  Read the email regarding the financial perks available.  Click on the link for the Allegheny College or Common Application form to complete and submit.






Allegheny’s entering class of 2014 is beginning to take shape. As always, we’re excited to meet the bright, ambitious scholars that will be joining us in the fall.

We’ve received applications from around the world and they are continuing to roll in. If you have students who are interested in Allegheny, now is the best time to apply. We’re extending our Regular Decision deadline to March 1. We will provide your students with a quick admissions decision and, upon acceptance, promote their application to our Scholarship Review Committee. We are still awarding high-level merit-based scholarships.

Students may apply via the Allegheny Online Application or The Common Application. Regardless of the application they choose, there is no application fee.

Please let us know if we may be of any assistance during this busy time of year. Thank you for all you do to guide students as they work through the college search.


Brian F. Dalton, Ph.D.
Vice President for Enrollment and College Relations

P.S. I’m excited to share that Allegheny was just ranked #8 in the nation among small colleges for Peace Corps volunteer placements.




Allegheny College (814) 332-3100 Allegheny College (814) 332-3100
Allegheny College (814) 332-3100 Allegheny College (814) 332-3100

Allegheny College
520 North Main Street | Meadville, PA 16335
(814) 332-3100 |




2014 Regis Summer Scholars Program for HS Students

Is the cold weather making you anxious for summer?  Now is the time to start seriously considering your options for summer enrichment programs.  Some application deadlines have passed; but not all, so begin your searches and plan your options.  Programs vary by location, cost, objectives/purpose, age group, residential/commuter environment, and affiliation.  Read the summary for the Regis Summer Scholars Program; one of many 2014 summer enrichment programs available for students.





Regis Summer Scholars


July 14 – 25, 2014
A program specifically designed for current high school students.

High school juniors and seniors explore academic interests, make lasting friendships and experience college life at Regis College this summer.

Two hot careers

  • Healthcare
  • Communication

Five courses to explore

  • Introduction to Health & Fitness
  • Introduction to Public Health
  • Introduction to Psychology
  • Introduction to Communication
  • Writing Seminar


Regis College is an all iPad institution and each Summer Scholars student will be issued an iPad for use during the program. Faculty and students will utilize the iPads to expand the learning process beyond the classroom.

College preparatory session

Representitives from the Regis College Office of Admissions, the Center for Student Services, and the Office of Student Life will present information regarding the college application process, financial aid, housing/residency life, college athletics, study-abroad, and more.


All students who successfully complete the two week Summer Scholars program will receive a Certificate of Achievement, as well as a Summer Class Tuition Voucher that can be used for a 3 credit general education summer course during Summer Session in 2015, 2016, or 2017.

Dorm life

As Summer Scholars, you may opt for on-campus housing in our Residents Halls. Resident Assistants will live in the hall with students to assist, engage and supervise students in the residence hall; Campus Safety and Student Health Services will be available to ensure your safety; Dining services will provide three daily meals in the campus cafeteria.

New Friends

Attend classes with high school students from around greater Boston, the USA and the world, as well as current Regis Undergraduates.

Campus Activities

In addtion to the academic opportunites, the Regis Summer Scholars will engage in activities both on and off campus.  Activities will include movies, cookouts, and video-gaming, as well as a trip to explore the cultural and entertainment opportunities in Boston.


The Regis Summer Scholars program allows you to experience college life, challenge yourself academically, and get a jump on your college career.

Program Details

Program Options:

Full program – includes residency on campus, coursework and activities.

Non-residency -coursework and activities

Program Cost:

$2,500 for full program; $1,250 for non-residency program


Two weeks, July 14 – 25, 2014. Prepatory reading ahead of the session and post-program work may be required

Residency students: check-in on July 13 between 1:00 – 3:00pm; check-out on July 26 1:00pm.

Application Requirements:  Application will be available February 10

  • Completed application form
  • Letter of recommendation from secondary school guidance counselor
  • Official secondary school trascript
  • Copy of passport (for Non-US citizens)
  • Official TOEFL or IELTS (if English is not first language)
  • Upon receipt of ALL materials Regis College will review an application
  • Acceptance into the Regis Summer Scholars Program will be based on academic preparedness and on limited space availability.
  • Students will be notified by mail and email of decision
  • Additional information will be mailed to accepted students

Summer Internships for MD/DC/VA High School Students

Listed below is a list of local (MD/DC/VA) internships for high school students; few may include opportunities for college students.  As indicated, a few application deadlines have passed, so remember them for next year.  However, if you are interested in any active application site(s), act promptly obtaining and submitting the required form and documents. The assignment roles vary from stipend to volunteer.  Any internship, regardless of its status, is a great learning and networking experience for high school and college students.  Google the site, if necessary, to access information.  Many thanks to my friend, Nancy Griesemer, for her assistance.
George Mason University Aspiring Scientists Summer Internship Program (ASSIP) is seeking high school students with a passion for science and a desire to gain practical scientific experience during the summer of 2014.  Applications to participate in programs located in laboratories at Mason’s Prince William and Fairfax campuses are now available online. ASSIP participants have the opportunity to work with scientists trying to solve some of the most complex problems in genomics, medicine, neuroscience, biodefense, bioinformatics, and bioengineering. As a bonus, many students have the opportunity to see their names included in articles published in scientific journals or their work presented at prestigious scientific conferences.  Applicants must be 16 years old as of the first day of the program, which starts on June 26, 2014. There is no stipend offered, and students are responsible for their own housing and transportation. ASSIP is a highly competitive program. Science courses completed, cumulative GPA, volunteer/work experience, and personal statements will be considered. Interviews and letters of recommendation will be required for highly qualified candidates. High school students are competing with undergrads for 50 slots. An application form is currently available on the ASSIP website and must be submitted no later than February 15, 2014, by 11:59 pm EST. For more information as well as a list of mentors and departments participating in the 2014 program, visit the George Mason Websitehttp://assip.cos.gmu.edu/
Listed below are regional (MD/DC/VA) internship opportunities for high school students.  A few deadline dates have passed; however, many are still active so do your research expeditiously, if interested.  Some of these are “salaried” positions, some have stipends, and some are strictly volunteer assignments. They are all highly competitive. If you have missed the application deadline date, consider it for next year.


2014 Summer Internships for College Students

Listed below are three internships for COLLEGE students.  Click each link for specifics; such as, must attend a Maryland college, application deadline, college year, major, and date of program.



The three 2014 PAID leadership intern programs below are taking place this summer.  These programs are open to all majors.  Please review the program details and consider applying to one or more of these great opportunities.

GOVERNOR’S SUMMER INTERNSHIP PROGRAM (http://shrivercenter.umbc.edu/students/the-scholars-programs/gsip/), Deadline:  March 10th
The Governor’s Summer Internship Program introduces college students to the unique challenges and rewards of working within MD State Government while earning a $3,000 stipend.  For 10 weeks (June 2- Aug 8), interns: -Work in state government agencies on substantive projects, including drafting speeches and correspondence, tracking legislation, attending hearings, assisting with constituent case work, and researching policy options.  – Participate in seminars with top Maryland officials and make site visits to State facilities.  – Develop policy papers on a significant issue facing Maryland (e.g. the Chesapeake Bay, crime, care for the elderly) and present their findings in person to the Governor.
Deadline: March 14th
The Maryland Nonprofit Leadership Program offers paid summer internship opportunities in the nonprofit sector to college juniors, seniors, and graduate students attending Maryland institutions.  Participating interns work for ten weeks full-time from June 2nd to August 8th while participating in bi-weekly seminars in nonprofit management.  Each participating student receives a $3,000 stipend.
Deadline: March 7th  
The Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT) Fellows Internship Program is designed to introduce Maryland’s most promising college students to the rewards and challenges of working within Maryland’s integrated transportation system.  Interns can gain experience in policy development, marketing, international relations, computer networking, engineering, planning and financing, public relations, and neighborhood conservation.  Placement opportunities are available at the MD Aviation Administration, MD Port Administration, MD Transit Administration, Motor Vehicle Administration, MD State Highway Administration, MD Transportation Authority, or The Secretary’s Office. Each participating student can earn $3,500 during 8 weeks this summer (June 9- August 1).