Spring Updates from DePaul University (IL)

Scroll down to read the newsletter from DePaul University located in Chicago. Just like Boston and Philadelphia, Chicago represents a large college population. The newsletter highlights include several program updates, including an undergraduate transition to graduate and professional opportunities.  You may be familiar with DePaul from college basketball hoops and its presence at fair and open house events. 


Caution:  Do not confuse DePaul with DePauw University, which is located in Indiana.





New! Early Opportunity Program Offered Through DePaul and Rosalind Franklin

DePaul University and Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science (RFUMS) are pleased to announce the newest component of their Alliance for Health Sciences: the Early Opportunity Program. This program, available only to Pathways Honors students, allows DePaul freshmen, after two successful quarters, the opportunity to apply and interview for a seat at RFUMS in the fields of medicine, podiatric medicine, pharmacy, physical therapy, pathologists’ assistant or physician assistant. This program is unique because it gives students the flexibility to choose from among these six professional programs, giving them time to explore various career options with RFUMS faculty during their freshman and even into their sophomore year, rather than forcing them to make a decision as a high school student.

Students who are offered a seat in the program of their choice, must maintain solid marks while at DePaul and fulfill the shadowing requirements. They will have a seat at RFUMS available to them in an accelerated (three-year) or traditional (four-year) time period. Students will not be required to take the MCAT, PCAT or GRE if offered a seat through the Early Opportunity Program.

Strong candidates for the Pathways Honors program typically have a cumulative high school GPA of 3.5 or higher, an average ACT composite score of 27 or higher, or a combined SAT score of 1200 or higher on the critical reading or math sections, and they are automatically considered for this program during their initial DePaul University application review. Once they come to DePaul, Pathways Honors students are provided dual advising from both DePaul and RFUMS, priority registration for their courses, unique shadowing opportunities, research, and the opportunity to interview for the Early Opportunity Program.

We are thrilled to continue the partnership with Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science, and we are eager for your students to take part in this exciting, innovative, and student-focused initiative as we prepare the future of health care.

Campus Updates

Special Education Major for Undergraduate Students

DePaul began offering a bachelor’s degree in the special education program in fall 2014 through the College of Education. The program prepares undergrads to teach students with exceptionalities in kindergarten through 12th grade in a variety of private, public, urban and suburban educational settings.

After completing the special education program, students are eligible for the Illinois Learning and Behavior Specialist I (LBS1) license, provided they complete the additional state requirements. As a special education major, students learn to

  • Apply specific strategies needed to teach exceptional learners
  • Consult and co-teach in general education inclusion classrooms
  • Modify content for exceptional learners in reading, math, natural and social sciences
  • Teach small groups of exceptional students in a resource room
  • Teach students with more significant disabilities in a self-contained classroom

DePaul Colleges Offer Combined Bachelor’s/Master’s Degree Programs

A number of departments within DePaul’s College of Business, College of Communication, College of Computing and Digital Media, College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, and College of Science and Health offer combined bachelor’s-master’s programs. These programs offer current undergraduate students the opportunity to complete both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree within five years. Students apply in the spring of their junior year; in their senior year, admitted students take three graduate-level courses that double-count toward undergraduate and graduate requirements.

Visit go.depaul.edu/catalog for a list of combined degree programs and to view course requirements and degree mapping.

DePaul Hires New Men’s Basketball Coach

DePaul announced on March 29, 2015, that Dave Leitao was selected as head coach for the men’s basketball team. Leitao is returning to DePaul after leading the team to three postseason appearances during his first stint from 2002-05.

During the announcement, Leitao said, “This is a special day for my family and me. I underestimated what a special place DePaul University and the city of Chicago are when I left here in 2005. The dedication and support here to the growth of student success is second to none, not only for a basketball program but also for the entire student body. I’m proud and our team will be proud to represent this great institution in one of the world’s great cities. We will exude the work ethic that drives Chicago and the region every day and look forward to everyone joining us next season.”

We look forward to our annual Counselor Basketball Game and what we anticipate will be a very exciting basketball season!

Admission Updates

Early Action and Regular Notification Deadlines

DePaul’s Office of Admission encourages students interested in applying to meet one of two established deadlines. The Early Action Program (EAP) deadline requires materials to be postmarked by November 15, 2015. Students who meet this deadline will be notified of an admission decision by January 15, 2016. The Regular Notification application deadline is February 1, 2016. Students who apply by this deadline will receive notification no later than March 15, 2016. Applications received after the February 1 postmark deadline will be reviewed on a space-available basis.

All materials must be received by the established deadlines. To be considered for admission, the student must submit an application, official high school transcript and test scores (unless he or she chooses the test-optional alternative that includes supplemental essay questions), a counselor recommendation and a completed essay question. Applicants may be required to submit additional materials upon request.

The application deadline for those interested in applying to the School of Music is December 1, 2015, and The Theatre School is January 15, 2016.

Upcoming Visit Days for Your Students

Summer Snapshot: Monday, June 22, 2015

Fall Visit Day: Saturday, October 24 & Saturday, November 7, 2015

Admitted Student Visit Days: Friday, March 4 & Saturday March 5, 2016

Visit Days are an overview of everything DePaul has to offer. Visitors can learn about the admission and financial aid processes as well as talk with current students and faculty from all of our undergraduate colleges. To register, visit go.depaul.edu/visit.


DePaul Homepage

Applying for Admission

Financial Aid


DePaul University

DePaul is the largest Catholic university in the nation, with just under 25,000 students. DePaul also is one of the nation’s 12 largest private universities and the only institution on that list with a primary emphasis on teaching. Founded on the Vincentian principle of access, DePaul remains committed to providing a quality education through personal attention to students from a wide range of backgrounds.


Counselor Visit Day: Save the Date

Please consider joining us for our annual Counselor Visit Day tentatively scheduled for Friday, December 2, at the Lincoln Park Campus. Save-the-date postcards will be sent in October.


Information Sessions and Campus Tours

We offer regularly scheduled information sessions and tours of the Lincoln Park Campus Monday through Saturday. Our information sessions, led by an admission counselor, provide an opportunity for prospective students and their families to learn more about academics, student life and the admission process at DePaul. Each Lincoln Park information session lasts one hour and is followed by a campus tour. We also offer Loop Campus tours Monday through Friday. To register, visit go.depaul.edu/visit or call our office at (800) 4-DePaul, extension 57500.


FUN FACT Housing Services sponsors “Demon Swap,” an annual end-of-year sale of residence hall and student-donated furniture, appliances and other goods that can be purchased by other students and staff. Proceeds from all sales benefit local food pantries and other charitable programs. Leftover goods are donated to shelters. This program keeps all of these types of goods from being discarded and sent to landfills.

Summer Immersion Program in the U.S. ~ Metro Washington, D.C.


About Sandy Spring Friends School: 
      SIP is a program created and maintained by Sandy Spring Friends School (SSFS), a private college preparatory boarding school located less than an hour away from Washington, D.C.
Click image above to learn more about SSFS!

Students will want to know about this remarkable summer immersion program in Metro Washington, D.C.  For ages 12 – 20, this pre-college program emphasizes several important areas of focus for international students, including: Cultural and English language immersion, leadership development and academics.  This is a great opportunity for students planning on studying abroad or interested in attending an English-speaking college or university. 

“I have lots of new friends from different countries now. I learned to be more self-confident. I would definitely recommend SIP to other people, since you’ll become a more cultural and social person.” – Irem Kasapoglu; SIP Alumna


2015 SIP Session Dates

Session I: June 28 – July 24
Session II: July 27 – August 22

Don’t miss this influential summer experience in the U.S.!  Click here for more information about fees, schedule and how to apply.

Best regards,

Bill Mena
Director of Boarding and International Admission
Director of Auxiliary Programs

Is teaching a respected profession?



Teaching..a respected career, or is it?  Just recently, elementary, middle, and high schools devoted a day or week to celebrate Teacher Appreciation Day/Week.  Most definitely a worthy distinction for what many characterize as a group of underappreciated employees.  Most importantly, why should their appreciation be limited to one day or week; why not everyday?

Tagged sometimes with insensitive comments; such as, when all else fails, become a teacher, doesn’t help the reputation.  Some studies have surfaced stating that high school students rank it as a less than desirable major.  Wonder why that attitude prevails in high school?  Could it be that as they observe the behavior of their classmates and disrespect for teachers, they’ve decided the career should be avoided because the environment is toxic?

It would be interesting to survey elementary school students and determine their views of a teaching career.  When you pose that question to an elementary student, you will probably get a lot of enthusiastic support for their teachers.  At that age, the teacher is the six-hour substitute for mom.

But what happens to the career consciousness of middle and high school students that pushes the attitude to negative, including sometimes disrespect, for an education career?  Since they are getting closer to formulating college majors in their impressionable mind, this would be the ideal time to repair any distorted views of teaching; hopefully, presenting it as a promising career path.  It supports the motto, Early Intervention is the Key!

As an optimist I do not believe that teaching is a busted career.  As a school counselor for thirty years, and not a previous teacher, you might be surprised that during the last ten, I noticed an increase in students declaring education as a major.  Several were students who had earlier indicated other career paths, but as they matured and acquired various learning experiences decided to change.  One of my previous students, a successful lawyer, stopped by to tell me his decision to pursue teaching as a career change.

There are students who are impressed by the professionalism of their teachers and  want to model their path and return to the classroom, but on the other side of the desk.  When schools participate in “Senior Switch Day,” it is amazing to watch some of them teach, and do a fantastic job.

There could be several reasons for this attitude change.  One is probably the economy.  Some students are attracted to teaching due to districts that will pay for their college education, if they work in designated schools after graduation. Plus, there are some public school districts with good salaries, benefits, working conditions, and stability in employment that attract college graduates; it’s not limited to the private sector.  Also, compared to some college majors, education is a career path that offers more opportunities for employment after graduation, if jobs are not affected by low student enrollment, budget restraints, county financial resources, etc.

Another positive stimulus has been the orientation to teaching, available to most high school students in department curriculums.  Montgomery County (MD) Public Schools (MCPS) has a course, Child and Adolescent Development, offered at three levels.  The students actually teach young day care children at the high school and other locations.  Other courses include Teaching as a Profession, Teaching and Curriculum, and an internship.

As a high school counselor, there were faculty members at my school who entered teaching from other professional careers.  When asked why, most said they just wanted to work with a younger population, or wanted a different job. Their previous careers were law, dentistry, engineering, and business.

You can learn more about the teaching profession pertinent to kindergarten and elementary school teachers and high school teachers by searching the Occupational Outlook Handbook hosted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor.





Looking for a 2015 summer program?

Penn application deadline is June 1ˢᵗ 

Here at Summer Discovery & Discovery Internships  we understand how quickly the summer is approaching. We’re here as a resource and to let you know that it’s definitely not too late to recommend summer plans to the students you are counseling.

If your students want to experience the “Ivy League” or are looking for a way to stand out on their college applications, take a look at the University of Pennsylvania’s summer program for high school students.

Program options include:

Apply now or email us to get more information.

CU-Boulder 3 week STEM Academies

Spend your summer at the University of Colorado Boulder, renowned for cutting-edge science research opportunities as well as their picturesque campus situated at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains.

Our STEM Academies provide students completing grades 9-12 the opportunity to learn from CU-Boulder scientists and faculty through hands-on lab work, group field trips, guest lectures from experts, and discussion.

STEM Academy options include:

Apply now or email us to get more information.

Come see why Boston is home to 100+ colleges & universities

It all started when Harvard, the first college in North America, was founded in 1636. Since then, Boston has become host to thousands of college students who attend the various colleges and universities situated throughout the city.

Our program at Emerson College in Boston provides a meaningful summer of experiencing college life and exploring all that the city has to offer.

Enjoy activities and sightseeing at places including the Boston Public Garden, Newbury Street for shopping, the Boston Red Sox, and Six Flags Amusement Park, just to name a few.

Program options include:

Apply now or email us to get more information.

Spend your summer on the west coast at UCLA or UCSB

We’ve partnered with the top ranked schools in the UC System to bring you not one, but two options for enhancing your cultural and academic activity this summer.

Join us at UCLA, the most applied-to university in the nation, to experience Los Angeles, one of the most influential cities in world. Or, come with us to UCSB and experience college life in a coastal community marked with palm-framed vistas of the blue Pacific.
UCLA program options:

UCSB program options:

Apply now or email us to get more information.


Contact Us    
Summer Discovery
1326 Old Northern Blvd.
Roslyn, New York | 11576
Tel. 516.621.3939
Fax. 516.625.3438

Drexel University (PA) Counselor Seminar


Drexel University hosted a counselor seminar May 6, 2015 in Bethesda, MD and shared admission updates with the attendees.  This summary provides pertinent information from the presentation.

-Drexel is Common Application exclusive; also uses FAFSA and CSS/PROFILE
-Students can upload resume on Common App
-The question, Where else are you applying?, will be optional
-Will require two letters of recommendation and optional statement
-DU requires ACT w/writing
-Drexel is an urban campus expanding with construction growth
-Co-op curriculum requires six months working experience
-Quarter system; four 10-week cycles yearly
-Medium size campus; 13,977 full-time undergrads; required to live on campus first two years
-10:1=student/professor ratio; average class size=18
->80 undergrad majors; 18 accelerated degree programs; have a 7-year medical program
-15 colleges/programs (undergrad, graduate and professional)
-Entrepreneurship degree program available
-All majors are pre-approved for study abroad
-Co-op experiences are full and part-time

 -2 academic terms; earliest entry is sophomore year

 -students receive professional prep for interview skills

 -can apply up to 25 opportunities

 -job placement rate is 92% after graduation

 -average paid co-op salary is >$16K and doesn’t affect financial aid

-Music Industry is the most competitive major and transfer students are not accepted

-13% involved in social Greek life

-D-1 NCAA athletic program

-300 clubs

-DU students get discounts to Philadelphia events

-Philadelphia area is home to >250,000 students

 -5th largest metro area

-Admission review: rigor of schedule, grade trend, test scores, personal essay, letters of recommendation, extracurricular activities, special circumstances,  portfolio (if applicable), will superscore SAT and take highest ACT w/writing

-Merit scholarships awarded during admissions notification

-2015-16 deadline dates:  Early Action=11/1 (CSS/PROFILE=11/15); Regular=1/15 (CSS/PROFILE=2/15); FAFSA=2/15; Enrollment Deposit=5/1

FREE 2015 Diversity College Fly-Ins



Scroll down and visit the sites for program dates and application deadlines for FREE 2015 College Diversity Fly-Ins.  If interested, apply quickly, since openings last only a short time.  More fly-in announcements should be made in the coming months.


1.  Amherst College

Amherst, Massachusetts

Small private university; member of Five-College Consortium; 3.7+ GPA; mid to high test scores

Program: Fall 2015 Diversity Open House weekends (DIVOH): September 26-28, 2015 and October 18-20, 2015

The application deadline for both DIVOH weekends is Monday, August 17, 2015


2.  Barnard College

New York, New York

Small private women’s college; big city; 3.7+ GPA; mid to high test scores; associated with Columbia University

Application Deadline (including all supporting materials): Friday, June 12th, 2015

Program dates: Saturday, October 10 – Sunday, October 11, 2015 (BARNARD BOUND – for students admitted to the Barnard Bound program) AND Monday, October 12, 2015 (OPEN HOUSE – All Barnard Bound participants will be automatically registered for our Open House.)


3.  Bowdoin College

Brunswick, Maine

Rural college; private; liberal arts; 3.2+ GPA; test optional

Program dates:  September 17-20, 2015 and October 22-25, 2015

Application Deadlines: Completed applications must be received by the program application deadlines of August 21, 2015 for the September program and September 25, 2015 for the October program



4.  Colby College

Waterville, Maine

Small rural college; 3.3+ GPA; mid-test scores

Program dates:  Sunday, Oct. 18 – Tuesday, Oct. 20, 2015

Application deadline:  Friday, September 11, 2015



5.  Harvey Mudd College

Claremont, California

Small science and engineering college; member of Claremont Consortium, 3.5+ GPA; high test scores

Program dates:  October 8–10, 2015

Application deadline:  Monday, August 24, 2015


6.  Middlebury College

Middlebury, Vermont

Small liberal arts college; rural; 3.3+ GPA; medium to high test scores

Program dates:  October 18-20, 2015

Application deadlines:  Friday, August 14, 2015


7.  Pomona College

Claremont, California

Small elite liberal arts college; member of Claremont Consortium, 3.8+ GPA; 2100 SAT and 31 ACT

Program dates:  September 26-29 and October 10-13

Application deadline:September 26-29, 2015 (application packets due August 14, 2015); October 10-13, 2015 (application packets due September 4, 2015)



8.  Wellesley College

Wellesley, MA

Women’s college; near Boston; 3.3+ GPA; medium to high test scores

Program dates:  October 18-19, 2015

Application deadlines:  Priority Deadline: June 30, 2015; Final Deadline: August 31, 2015


Ohio Wesleyan University Newsletter


At Ohio Wesleyan, students have extraordinary options to personalize their education—and multiple pathways and programs they won’t find at many liberal arts colleges. For this reason and many more, I am excited to introduce you to our small, yet vibrant community.

As early as the first year, OWU students (they pronounce it Oh-Woo) combine the deep learning of traditional liberal arts with real-world practice and global experience, so they’re well prepared for job and career or graduate school.

Students even have a global experience without leaving campus. Members of our tightly connected community come to OWU from across the United States and from more than 43 nations, and Ohio Wesleyan classrooms are infused with a rich, global perspective.

On behalf of the entire OWU admission team, I look forward to building a relationship of trust and support with you and your students.

Susan Dileno

Vice President of Enrollment
Ohio Wesleyan University
Ohio Wesleyan University

Majors, minors, and pre-professional areas of study

Ohio Wesleyan offers a breadth of majors and minors that is difficult to find in a school of our size. Our 86 majors and 57 minors span from the traditional liberal arts, to education and business and management, to scientific fields such as neuroscience and zoology. OWU also offers a wide range of pre-professional areas such as medicine, dentistry, physical therapy, law, public administration, and engineering.

Students put their learning into practice

Ohio Wesleyan University
What makes OWU distinctive is its focus on the concept of connection—it’s the foundation of the OWU learning community and academic program, The OWU Connection.

  • Students partner with faculty and peers to form a rich and supportive learning community that sparks intellectual enthusiasm and curiosity.
  • More than 400 students take advantage of OWU’s off-campus experiences each year. Travel-Learning classes offer students the combination of on-campus learning with short-term travel to places around the world—from New York to Japan, Alaska to the Galapagos Islands.
  • Students engage in hands-on learning in real-world situations through internships, independent research, grants, and special programs. OWU’s innovative Theory-to-Practice Grant program provides full funding to students to take their classroom learning into practical and research experiences in laboratories, field studies, arts and community organizations, and other settings around the world.

Scholarships and financial aid

We work in partnership with students and families to make sure Ohio Wesleyan is a good fit— academically, personally, and financially. Approximately 97 percent of OWU students receive some form of merit-based scholarship and/or need-based aid. In 2014-15, the incoming class received an average package of more than $37,000 in merit-based and other financial aid.

Graduate outcomes

Last year, 97 percent of OWU’s graduates were employed and/or in graduate school soon after graduating. Of those working, 81 percent were in the field of their choice. OWU’s five-year acceptance rate to dental and medical schools is more than twice the national average. OWU is rated among the top 20 liberal arts colleges for salary potential for mid-career graduates by PayScale, Inc., and in the top 25% in Forbes’ “America’s Top Colleges” rankings, based primarily on a school’s return on investment. Visit outcomes.owu.edu for more information.

A rich campus experience

Ohio Wesleyan University
With more than 100 student clubs and organizations and with 75 percent of students participating in varsity or intramural athletics, campus life at Ohio Wesleyan is seemingly non-stop activity.

The spirit of service is big at OWU, with students contributing approximately 45,000 hours a year in volunteer service. Many spend their spring breaks on mission trips to sites in the United States and abroad.

Delaware, Ohio

Ohio Wesleyan students love Delaware, a quaint and historic town of more than 34,000. The community is filled with more than 25 dining options within walking distance. You can attend a movie at the Strand Theatre, visit one of several locally owned coffee shops, or take a stroll on First Fridays, Delaware’s monthly street fair. Columbus, the 15th largest city in America, is just a 30-minute drive, with great internship opportunities and vibrant entertainment and shopping options.

Ohio Wesleyan University key facts

Ohio Wesleyan University
  • 1,750 Total Enrollment
  • 47% Male | 53% Female
  • 46 States and U.S. Territories
  • 43 Countries
  • 54% Ohio resident students
  • 26% International & U.S. multicultural students
  • 11:1 Student-faculty ratio
  • 17 Average class size

Colleges That Change Lives Fair, Sunday May 17th (Washington, D.C. Area)

As school is winding down and spring weather has finally arrived, just a friendly reminder that the Colleges That Change Lives (CTCL) fair will be in our area Sunday, May 17th in Tysons Corner, VA.  The program begins promptly at 1:00PM and lasts approximately two hours.  Scroll down for more information.




The program begins promptly at 1:00PM with a 30-minute information session, and a college fair begins immediately afterwards, lasting approximately 1.5 hours. For more details on the program’s format click here, or to print a PDF of the tour announcement click here.

Sunday, May 17, 2015, 1:00 p.m.

CTCL Tours 2015 East
^ click PDF for printing

Ritz-Carlton, Tysons Corner
Salons I, II and III
1700 Tysons Boulevard
McLean, VA 22102

(pre-registration is not required)

Landmark College (VT): Open House June 13, 2015


The college search and selection process can be overwhelming. However, the challenges are far greater for students who learn differently. 

Our Open House on Saturday, June 13, 2015, will provide families of students with language-based learning disabilities, ADHD, and ASD a first-hand look at Landmark College’s innovative approach to helping students achieve a personal understanding of their strengths, and learning challenges, and how these affect the way they learn. 

Some of the highlights of this event are:

  • Presentations on how Landmark integrates innovative learning strategies and skills into every course
  • Introduction to our four Associate degree programs and three Bachelor’s degree programs, including our NEW B.S. in Computer Science and B.A. in Studio Art
  • Student Panel-Life and learning as a Landmark College student
  • Presentations on Financial Aid, Career & Transfer Services and Summer Programs 

We welcome students who would be interested in attending and learning why Landmark College is the college of choice for students who learn differently! 

To register for this event you can go to http://www.landmark.edu/admissions/visit-our-campus/plan-a-visit 

Questions?  Please contact us at 802-387-6718 or admissions@landmark.edu




Boston University’s Summer Investigative Journalism Workshop

We are delighted to announce a special opportunity for your students.

The New England Center for Investigative Reporting, based at Boston University’s College of Communication, is again offering a unique Investigative Journalism Workshop this summer. This program, now in its seventh year, would be a perfect fit for your students who are interested in journalism or writing. Nearly 130 students from 23 states and 13 countries attended last summer’s workshop, and we are expecting sessions to fill up quickly for 2015.

Our three two-week workshops will begin on June 29. During each session, students participate in seminars and work alongside BU faculty and award-winning local and national journalists on investigative stories that could be published on the center’s website or in regional and national publications. Students will live on the BU campus and gain hands-on experience in investigative reporting while developing critical thinking and writing skills.

For more information about our program, visit our website and see our flyer. I encourage you to share this information with your students and their families.

The application deadline is June 30, 2015. Space is filling up quickly, so have your students apply today!

I hope we will see your students on campus this summer!


Joe Bergantino
Director/Senior Investigative Reporter
New England Center for Investigative Reporting

640 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, MA 02215