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Founded in 1824, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute was the first technological university in the English-speaking world. The university offers degrees from five schools: Architecture;  EngineeringHumanities, Arts, and Social Sciences; the Lally School of Management; and Science; as well as an interdisciplinary degree in Information Technology and Web Science.

As Rensselaer approaches its third century of innovation and discovery, the Institute remains committed to educating the leaders of tomorrow. A Rensselaer education, through innovative pedagogy, global challenge-linked research, and a transformative student experience, positions graduates to truly change the world. This is The New Polytechnic.

Karen S. Long, Director
Undergraduate Admissions
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Academic & Professional Opportunity

Some of the best and most exciting studies lie at the edges of traditional disciplines. A Rensselaer education is challenging, interactive, and highly relevant. Students immerse themselves in course work that combines theory with learning by experience in unparalleled facilities, using advanced technology.

RPI offers more than 40 undergraduate degree programs, each of which can be supplemented with a paid, professional work experience as part of our co-op program, an interdisciplinary research experience,  a global experience through our study abroad program, an infusion of entrepreneurial spirit, or a combined Bachelor’s/Master’s degree through our Co-Terminal Program.

Why Not Change the World?

Rensselaer alumni  have shaped the world around them. Our graduates constructed the canals, roads, bridges, skyscrapers, and basic infrastructure of America, which helped to form the basis for 20th century society. They have also served as astronauts, founded multinational companies, and invented countless innovations including the digital camera, sunscreen, the cathode ray tube, and email.

The Summer Arch

The Summer Arch is a unique approach for student development and growth that prepares students to meet the multifaceted challenges of the 21st century. The Summer Arch will augment academic and experiential programs, and provide an even more robust and transformative educational experience for undergraduate students.

The Summer Arch is a restructuring of the Rensselaer academic calendar, creating additional opportunities for experiential learning that complement curricular and co-curricular offerings at Rensselaer. Rising juniors will attend a full summer semester, the Summer Arch, between their sophomore and junior years, followed by an “away” semester taken during either the fall or spring of the junior year. This will allow students to take advantage of the numerous experiential learning activities available off campus, including international travel, internships, co-ops, research opportunities, and engagement in community service projects.

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

B.S. Music Technology: New major at Georgia Tech

GT Minute – April 2016

Greetings from Atlanta! In keeping true to the GT “Minute,” I’ll keep it short, with just three key items for you.

As we approach the May 1 National Deposit Deadline, we are starting to see the Class of 2020 take shape. Just over 2,200 students accepted a place on our wait list. Because we do not expect any movement until after May 1, students should consider to deposit elsewhere. You can find more on wait list tips here.

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to the admission counselor for your area.

Go Jackets!

Rick Clark
Director of Undergraduate Admission

Featured Freshmen

When you are describing “who will thrive at Georgia Tech” to your students, we hope these profiles of current freshmen will help. Georgia Tech students are deeply committed to our motto of “Progress and Service,” and that’s evident in these videos and photos. Many are multilingual, one is the world’s youngest female monster truck driver, another has already won an Emmy Award, and most are champions of philanthropy and innovation.

That’s What I Would Tell Them

We get it. The college process can be stressful and, at times, bewildering. We love how this article captures what college admission officers tell their own children going through high school and, ultimately, the college application process. They are all great, but we are partial to No. 8: Laura Simmons, one of our assistant directors and an admissions veteran, shares excellent insight and practical tips based on her family experience.

New Major at Tech!

It is possible to be a musician, artist, inventor, and engineer all in one. Georgia Tech’s newest major, the Bachelor of Science in Music Technology, encourages just that. This program provides the interconnectivity between music and the engineering disciplines for which Georgia Tech is known. Music technology is an industry with projected growth rates of 225% nationally and 250% in Georgia over the next five to seven years. In addition, it receives more NSF grant money than many top 10 programs. Over the next four years, the program hopes to grow to 60 undergraduate students. The program will be the first to require a portfolio and faculty review as part of the 2017 application process.

Georgia Institute of Technology
Office of Undergraduate Admission
Atlanta, GA 30332-0320
ph: 404.894.4154

2016 seniors, it’s not over yet…

Do all high school seniors earn their diploma?

You are probably counting down the hours to the grand procession of one of the most celebrated events of your life. You’ve participated in many senior festivities; such as, your senior breakfast, banquet, prom, and maybe you even took advantage of “senior skip day.”  Early May is the month when seniors get a little crazy and decide to toot horns and light up the sky with fireworks; but hold on, not yet.


You are probably thinking, “Why not?”  Sorry to take the air out of your balloon, but you are not a high school graduate until you receive the document known as the high school diploma. The diploma certifies that you have met the graduation requirements established by your state department of education, school district, and/or education council.


If you are not careful, several minor or careless mistakes could affect the outcome of your highly anticipated day.  Not only will you be disappointed on graduation day, and your parents, but you could also receive an unfortunate letter from the college of your choice. If your grades drop, your matriculation plans for August/September could change.


Be wise, seniors, during the final weeks of school and heed this advice.  Continue to be a student until your exams are over and your class officially ends.  Devote serious effort to exam preparation and performance, especially if your final quarter grades are low.


Use all available resources for academic help and keep open communication with your teachers.  They need to see you every day in class.  Show concern about your grades and let them observe conscientious effort.


Be an advocate and confirm with your counselor that you are on track for a 2016 graduation.  Verify that you have earned, or will earn, all necessary credits, passed all required assessments, completed community service hours, and fulfilled everything mandated for your 2016 diploma.


This is not the time for funny antics, immature behavior, and poor judgment.  I’ve known seniors who could not participate in the graduation ceremony due to inappropriate behavior immediately before the event, unfulfilled detentions, and other careless mistakes.  The students had to pick up their diploma, after graduation, from the registrar.  Sad, but true.


Do not jeopardize your college plans with indiscretions.  When you are admitted to college, it is a provisional acceptance until they receive your final transcript.  They will review the transcript to confirm you graduated and they will check your second semester performance.  The college of your choice wants to be sure you have remained engaged in your studies from the time you applied for admission continuing until  graduation.  Many will also view poor attendance and detentions/suspensions during second semester as negative behavior, or attributes undesirable for a prospective college freshman.


Many seniors ask, “Do colleges really rescind decisions?”  And the answer is, yes, they do.  I’ve had students who not only had admissions decisions rescinded, but they also had scholarships withdrawn, due to a decline in second semester performance.


Be aware that many colleges are announcing a larger than normal yield for their next freshman class; therefore, expecting a “healthy” college matriculation for August/September.  If this prediction is true, some colleges can afford to be “picky” if they don’t like what they see on your final transcript.


And lastly, senioritis, is this a real disease?  Beware of this “senior itch” that is not a true medical diagnosis in any textbook.  However, it can be a negative temptation that might present unfortunate consequences for the end of your senior year.  Just remember, you have worked too hard to get a dismissive attitude so remain a student until the very end, then celebrate your high school graduation.


P.S.  Don’t forget about your May 1st obligation, if you have not notified your college of your intent to matriculate.  Remember, you can only deposit at one college!  If you were accepted at colleges that you do not plan to attend, you must also notify them by May 1st so they can offer decisions to wait-list candidates.

Considering a physical therapy career? Check out Seton Hall University (NJ)

The School of Health and Medical Sciences at Seton Hall University, in conjunction with the College of Arts and Sciences, recently revised its Biology and Physical Therapy dual degree program. It has been updated from a 3+4 program to a 3+3 program, which will allow students to earn a B.S. in Biology and Doctorate in Physical Therapy in just six years.

The program’s newly condensed timeline will save students valuable time and money as they gain the knowledge and skills necessary for a career in Physical Therapy.

To learn more about the new 3+3 dual degree program or about applying to Seton Hall, students can call 1-800-THE-HALL or email


Office of Undergraduate Admissions
Seton Hall University

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Discover Seton Hall Today
Register Now

The best way to experience Seton Hall is to come see us. Register for our Open House on April 24, 2016!

There are lots of other great reasons to choose Seton Hall – check out our top eight!

Seton Hall University
400 South Orange Avenue
South Orange, NJ 07079
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Expand your college options: Class of 2020 Admission rates

How can you increase your chances for admission?  Consider the following options:

  • Don’t limit yourself to only the big boys; such as, Ivies and other highly selective colleges with very low admit rates.
  • Explore out-of-state colleges; change zip codes and time zones.
  • Don’t be afraid to explore colleges that you don’t see on everyone’s car bumper or rear window.
  • It’s not always wise to follow a pack.  Consider colleges where most classmates will not be applying.
College Applied Admitted Rate
Amherst 8,397 1,149 14%  
Barnard 7,071 1,131 16%
Bowdoin 6,788 970 14%
Brown 32,380 2,919 9%
Carleton 6,500 1,430 22%
Columbia 36,292 2,193 6%
Cornell 44,966 6,277 14%
Dartmouth 20,675 2,176 11%
Duke 32,202 3,319 10%
Emory (Emory) 19,924 4,927 25%
Emory (Oxford) 8,644 3,282 38%
George Washington 25,541 10,942 43%
Georgetown 27,029 4,168 15%
Georgia Tech 30,520 7,630 25%
Hamilton 5,230 1,317 25%
Harvard 39,041 2,037 5%
Johns Hopkins 27,095 3,098 11%
Kenyon 6,400 1,688 26%
Macalester 5,946 2,081 35%
Middlebury 8,820 1,415 16%
MIT 19,020 1,485 8%
Northwestern 35,099 3,751 11%
Pomona 8,104 743 9%
Princeton 29,303 1,894 6%
Stanford 43,997 2,063 5%
Swarthmore 7,717 963 12%
Tufts 20,222 2,831 14%
UC Berkeley 82,558 12,226 15%
Notre Dame 19,499 3,665 19%
UPenn 38,918 3,661 9%
USC 54,100 8,920 16%
Virginia 32,426 9,416 29%
Vanderbilt 32,100 3,326 10%
Wake Forest 13,860 4,019 29%
Williams 6,982 1,206 17%
Yale 31,455 1,972 6%


Trending at Grove City College (PA)

Forbes: Grove City College is Worth the Investment

 A new, independent analysis identifies Grove City College as one of 300 American colleges and universities that are worth the investment of time and tuition.

More info...

NEW: Men’s Varsity Lacrosse Team

Men’s lacrosse will become the 22nd intercollegiate varsity sport at Grove City College, starting with the 2017-18 academic year. The College will field its inaugural NCAA Division III varsity team effective spring 2018.

More info...

Grove City College is #2 ‘Smartest Choice’ School

Grove City College is second on College Raptor’s list of 2016 Smartest Choice schools, an exclusive ranking of 43 elite national colleges and universities where students are most likely to get accepted, stay enrolled and graduate in four years.

More info...

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“Grover” Success Stories

Grove City Alumna is Top Scorer in the State on CPA Exam

Grove City College alumna Kathryn Claudy ’15 was recently recognized as one of the top scorers on Pennsylvania’s uniform CPA exam in 2015, according to the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy.

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Touring Choir to Perform With Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra

The Grove City College Touring Choir will perform with the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, under the direction of Maestro Manfred Honeck, for a three-night stand April 1 to 3 at Heinz Hall in Pittsburgh.

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History Majors Present Papers, Win Honors at Conference

Five Grove City College history majors presented research papers this month at the regional Phi Alpha Theta Conference at Mercyhurst University, with four of them winning best paper honors from their reviewing panels.

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Grove City College
100 Campus Drive
Grove City, PA  16127

All College Students in Recovery are Welcome at Summer Haven

Our collegiate recovery communities are growing with Summer Haven Programs open to ALL college students regardless of academic status or home university affiliation. Through summer school, visiting student, and community college programs, we provide a diverse range of academic opportunities supported by recovery and treatment services.

Our new Intensive Outpatient Center at USC under the direction of Dr. Harry Haroutunian, Physician Director of the world-renowned Betty Ford Center, enables students to attend summer classes while attending IOP.

Space is limited for all programs so reserve your place soon at 310 822 1234.

University of Southern California
Los Angeles, CA

Haven Recovery Residence

Haven Outpatient Center: IOP and Day Treatment Programs

Haven Mentoring & Monitoring Program

USC Limited Student Status

Santa Monica Community College

LA City College

UCLA Summer School (2016 Summer Sessions 6/20-9/9)

Online University Courses while attending Haven Intensive Outpatient Center

Drexel University
University City, PA
Haven Recovery Residence
Haven Mentoring & Monitoring Program

University of Pennsylvania Summer Program (5/23-8/5)

Community College of Philadelphia

Neighboring University Students Welcome: University of Pennsylvania, Temple, Univ. of Sciences, Villanova, St. Joseph’s 

University of California, Santa Barbara
Isla Vista, CA
Haven Recovery Residence
Haven Mentoring & Monitoring Program
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