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Internships available to DU students. Go to the Pioneer Career Blog to see the latest postings.
In funding opportunities available to students through our Undergraduate Research Center, from summer research grants to travel stipends to faculty-student research.
The number of

NCAA National Championships

earned by DU’s ski team in program history.

Ski team
Go Pioneers!
Ranked 13th for most NCAA Division I championships, our Pioneers carry a rich history of success, and this year is no different! After our ski team captured the NCAA National Championship in March for the 24th time in program history, DU now claims at least one national championship in each of the last five athletic seasons, a feat accomplished by only one other university in the nation. The team now boasts the most titles of any U.S. collegiate ski team.


Our DU gymnasts were named to the 2018 Academic All-Big 12 Team, and our men’s ice hockey team has appeared in 11 consecutive NCAA tournaments, the longest active streak in the NCAA.


Check out Pioneer Athletics for more info on all our D-I programs!

Change Requires Action
We value social engagement at DU, both from our current students and in our admission process. Our team in Undergraduate Admission stands by students who are actively involved in social justice issues in their communities. If your students take part in community change, whether that be through classroom discussion or walk-outs during school hours, please know their applications to DU will not be affected.


More about peaceful protesting

Avery Crisp
DU Leadership Program Helps Alumna Fly
Capt. Avery (Denney) Crisp ’12 always dreamed of flying planes, and DU put her on a path to making that dream a reality. Avery is one of only a few female pilots in the military. As a first-year student, she joined the Pioneer Leadership Program (PLP) and declared a major in international business with a minor in finance. Then, as a sophomore, she attended a DU government career fair, where she talked to the Marines about planes, of course, but also her PLP involvement. The rest is history. She received her pilot’s wings in October 2016, and she credits DU and PLP with giving her the opportunities and the foundation to succeed.


Read Capt. Avery Crisp’s story

Dorm Study
Students Impress Lawmakers with Solar Decathlon Designs
Eleven student teams from around the world competed in the U.S. Department of Energy’s Solar Decathlon competition, and lawmakers were impressed with the DU/UC Berkeley collaborative team’s entry, which won third place overall. The team designed a home with components to make and store electricity, recycle bath and shower water, and take advantage of moveable walls that allow for expanded living space.  Colorado’s governor, a state senator, and Denver’s mayor toured the home. “They are learning to apply the knowledge they have gained in the classroom to something that is very practical, and they can take it with them for the rest of their lives,” said Colorado Senator Michael Bennet.
Learn more about the Solar Decathlon
Explore Academics
Take a look at our Academic Programs and read about our majors available to undergrads.


Academic Programs

The best way to learn more about the University of Denver is to visit our campus. We hold information sessions and campus tours throughout the year.
Visit Information
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University of Denver
2197 S. University Blvd.
Denver, CO 80208

Sewanee: U of the South…News from the Mountain

Choosing Sewanee: A dash, a march, or something in between 

Greetings from Sewanee!

For many high school seniors, the month of April is either a mad dash (enrolling at the college they know to be right for them) or a slow, steady march (working toward a decision one step at a time).

Most of the students in the University of the South’s Class of 2022 will be marchers, but they may not be as slow to decide as in years past. The secret is out, and students are starting to catch on to Sewanee’s ability to put its graduates in positions to succeed. Those students not only enjoy a top-flight liberal education while on the Domain, but also lasting connections with faculty, staff, and peers far into their lives beyond the gates.

And this year we’re hoping to put a little extra pep in their step, as we’ve introduced some exciting new announcements to this admission cycle.

We recently announced a new component of the Sewanee experience: The Sewanee Pledge. The Pledge is a promise to each and every one of our incoming students that they will receive funding for a summer internship or research assistantship, a semester-long study abroad experience at no additional tuition cost, and that they will graduate in four years. 

This Pledge combines so much of what Sewanee has to offer and has offered generations of graduates. Most of all, it ensures that each student can take full advantage of the Sewanee experience.

If you have students who would gladly dash into Sewanee’s Class of 2022 but have been placed on the waitlist, please encourage them to fill out their waitlist form through their Applicant Status Page, to communicate with their admission counselor, and, of course, to send in an enrollment deposit to a school where they have been offered admission. Students may begin to be pulled off that waitlist as early as mid-April.

After all the dashing and marching is through, I will be able to rest knowing that members of Sewanee’s Class of 2022 made the right choice, and I hope you’ll be able to as well.

Sincerely yours,

Lee Ann Backlund
Dean of Admission and Financial Aid
Vice President for Enrollment Planning

Video feature: Meet Your Sewanee Tour Guide and schedule a visit!

With a 13,000-acre campus, there’s a lot to see. That’s why we always encourage families to take a summer day to bike, hike, climb, or just relax while they are visiting us on the Mountain. Stop by our office for some recommendations if you’ve got a spare hour!

Enrollment forms for future Sewanee students are now available

Please encourage your students who have decided to attend Sewanee to start working on the enrollment forms now available on their Applicant Status Pages. The first form deadline is May 12. Don’t hesitate to reach out to a member of our office if any of your students are experiencing difficulty working through these forms.

Make sure your future Sewanee students know about these pre-orientation programs 

Finding Your Place (FYP)
FYP brings together some of Sewanee’s most renowned faculty members to provide students the opportunity to explore their place at Sewanee by closely engaging with its biology and geology, its community and history, through field trips, service, readings, writing, and small-group discussions. With the guidance of professors and students leaders, first years in FYP will find their own place in Sewanee.

Pre-orientation (PRE)
PRE offers outdoor recreational opportunities for first-year students in order to form deep relationships with one another and with Sewanee Outing Program leaders. Activities include hiking, swimming, rock climbing, canoeing, caving, and much more.

Gap years are important to us 

While many families consider the ability for their student to participate in a gap year a separate consideration entirely from that of their college search, Sewanee doesn’t quite see it that way. The qualities of a Sewanee student fall neatly in line with the idea of a year of directed discovery. Our students are self-motivated and driven to explore. They are unafraid to follow their passions even if they may lead them down a path less travelled. We believe gap years are important to the growth of some students. Please read more on deferring enrollment and letting your students know of the opportunities of taking a gap year.

Upcoming events for prospective students

April 28, 2018

Flowers blooming. Birds chirping. We’ve dreamed up the perfect spring visit itinerary for your students; it’s called Spring Preview. It’s the best of the weekday visit options (campus tour, residential halls tour, student panel) combined with two faculty engagement sessions. Students follow their academic interests to the appropriate sessions (English, history, psychology, environmental studies, 20+ more) and faculty members will meet them there.

142_17_adm applic status web buttons_300x70px_6.jpg
June 22, 2018 & July 13, 2018

Your students can take their first class in college admission with us. The Admission 101 syllabus goes something like this: finding the right colleges; applying like an expert; making the right decision. Our sessions and workshops will show your students how to get the most out of their campus visits, how to write a compelling essay and give a killer interview, and how to see their applications through the eyes of an admission counselor. While what we have to offer will be helpful to your students even if they don’t plan on applying to Sewanee, we’re pretty sure they’ll want to after spending the day on our spectacular 13,000-acre mountaintop campus.

Visiting Sewanee yourself 

Twice a year we host domestic high school counselors for our bi-annual A View from the Top counselor tour. These visits are a great way for you to connect with our office, tour campus, meet the vice-chancellor and so much more. Read more and add yourself to our interest list here. Of course these programs are limited so we highly encourage you to schedule a personalized visit.

Pre-college summer program deadlines are approaching 

The Choral Institute at the University of the South
June 27–July, 1, 2018 Apply for the Choral Institute

Sewanee BRIDGE Program in Biomedical Sciences (for rising seniors)
June 10–June 26, 2018 Apply for the Bridge Program

Sewanee Summer Music Festival
June 23–July 22, 2018  Apply for SSMF

Sewanee Environmental Institute: Field Studies Experience
June 24–July 7, 2018 Apply for SEI

SUMMA Student Theological Debate Society
July 17–July 25, 2018 Apply for SUMMA

Sewanee Features 

Capital Gains
Sewanee’s student investment club notches big returns for the University’s endowment — and for members’ postgraduate employment prospects.

A New Prescription for Pain
At a Nashville startup, a Sewanee physics graduate and neuroscientist uses big data to find new ways to fight the country’s opioid epidemic.

The Shape of Water
Students and professors in a variety of disciplines take advantage of Sewanee’s local ecology to engage in water and water-systems research that is as deep as it is wide.

The University of the South Sewanee Admission Facebook Sewanee Admission Twitter Sewanee Admission Flickr Sewanee Admission YouTube Sewanee Admission ISSUU Sewanee Admission Instagram Sewanee Admission

Explore Fordham University (NY)

Fordham University | RAMail
When you hear the word “research”, you typically think of someone in a white lab coat, peering into a microscope. While we have plenty of STEM majors pursuing research across the natural sciences, research can take many different forms: original choreography, a musical composition, even a graphic novel. All a research project takes to get started is a question. How will students find the answers at Fordham?

Ars Nova: Shifting Perspectives Through Research

This year’s Ars Nova showcase, highlighting undergraduate research at Fordham College at Lincoln Center, featured work from a variety of disciplines. Many students examined familiar themes, yet pivoted the perspective to present the subjects in a new light. Bonus feature: Learn how two Theatre majors used a summer research grant to create their own webseries.
From Gene Therapy to Food Insecurity: Undergraduate Research Displayed at Rose Hill

When Fordham College at Rose Hill founded its Undergraduate Research Symposium, 36 students presented. Today, the event celebrates the research of more than 300 students in the humanities, social sciences, natural science, and the arts. Bonus feature: Why are bowling alleys disappearing? One student received a summer research grant to find the answer.

It’s hard to participate in Julita Haber’s Research in Management course without breaking a sweat. Students “spin” or ride stationary bikes while Haber teaches research concepts, theories, and methodological techniques in impression management. Discover the Gabelli Undergraduate Business Research Conference.
Let juniors know: We’ve posted our summer visit programs!

We have lots of opportunities for your junior students to visit our campuses this summer, from mid-June through late August. Check out our visit calendar to see the complete listing.

Explore Fordham further:

Follow our counselor blog
Read more Fordham news stories
Explore our programs
Follow us on Instagram @ fordhamadmissions
Contact our office or check our FAQs

Office of Undergraduate Admission
Lincoln Center Campus | 113 West 60th Street | New York, NY 10023 | (718) 817-4000
Rose Hill Campus | 441 East Fordham Road | Bronx, NY 10458 | (718) 817-4000

FLSAS: Foreign Language & Cultural Immersion

Academic Year / Summer Programs View Online

For all of you
who have received information
on the Teen Programs
Academic Year  & Summer
over the last few months ….

There are deadlines for
Academic Year / Semester Programs.
Spain – May 3rd, no Later.

France -
still OK with Late Registration Fee

Important Change!!!
For the Academic Year Program in Spain,
the application must be received by May 3rd.
New regulations for processing the documentation for the Visa.

If you need
updated information or an application form,
let us know.  (see below)

If you have requested
Japan for this Summer,
please send in applications very soon.

Some dates have filled up already.

Request Information
details . details . details . details



Please scroll down to see all options.


Groups (even for this summer) . Individuals

Language Immersion
see Cultural Immersion below

Adults (teachers.executives.professionals)
100% Total Language Immersion & Language Institute Programs
many languages, many countries, including LCTL
(see List)

Middle School (individuals & groups)

Academic Year . Semester . Summer Programs 
France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Portugal,
China, Japan, Korea
High School (individuals & groups)
Academic Year . Semester . GAP Year . Summer Programs
France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Portugal,
China, Japan, Korea

Cultural Immersion

Groups, Individuals
One Week (or longer) Programs
concentrating on a specific destination
or a specific interest or local events

“Go Local Internationally”®

“The world is getting more and more homogenized.
Appreciate the Cultural Differences that still exist.”®

(see List of Possible Countries)

Request Information
details . details . details . details

♦ Academic Year Abroad 

 ♦ Semester Abroad ♦

 ♦ Gap Year ♦

in private schools and public schools abroad

Students WILL be able to return to home school in time to graduate with class.

Spain – France – Germany – Italy – Portugal
China – Japan (new!)
Argentina* – Costa Rica* 

** both “Summer Semesters” & Academic Year

For those who want to attend high school
in a Spanish speaking country
but do not want to take time off
during the school year.

Teen Programs♦
Spain – France – Germany – Switzerland – Italy
Russia – China – Japan – Korea
Quebec City – Mexico – Costa Rica – Ecuador – Argentina -

All Levels.  Absolute Beginners to Advanced.

FLSAS has programs that meet unusual requirements:
language, level, time of year, etc., including 

This e-mail focuses on FLSAS Programs for Teens.
(we have programs for different age groups & interests)

Teachers & Students
(Please read this)

Request Information

Louise Harber
FLSAS / Foreign Language Immersion & Cultural Immersion
Box 96
Crescent City, FL 32112

Phone:  786-216-7302
E-mail:  LRH@FLSAS.com
Website: www.flsas.com




FLSAS / Foreign Language & Cultural Immersion PO BOX 96 CRESCENT CITY FL 32112 US

Illinois Institute of Technology Updates

Financial Aid Award Letters Released January

Illinois Tech‘s Office of Financial Aid began mailing financial aid packages to FAFSA filers in January. Students can still submit the FAFSA and should take advantage of our outside scholarship spreadsheet. Students can call or email their admission counselors with questions about their awards or concerns about financing their Illinois Tech education. We are proud of the high ROI for our graduates (#1 in Illinois for 20-year earnings and #56 in the country after aid, according to PayScale), and our counselors have significant experience making an Illinois Techeducation affordable for students and families.

Improving the Financial Situation of Rising Students

Rising juniors can take steps now to improve their financial situation when applying to Illinois Tech. They should opt into honors and AP STEM classes (especially pre-calculus and physics), retake the ACT or SAT, maintain A’s and B’s, and ask a STEM teacher to write their recommendation to improve opportunities for merit scholarship consideration. They can also start researching private scholarships on our spreadsheet.

Scholarship Symposium Recap

In early February we welcomed hundreds of students to campus to interview for our top undergraduate scholarships duringScholarship Symposium. Congratulations to our newest Camras, Duchossois, and Crown Scholars! Finalists have been selected, and each student should submit their deposit by May 1 to accept their scholarship.

Summer Opportunities on Campus

We love to see applicants who spend summer months exploring their interests. High school students can take advantage of a number of programs and courses on campus. They can learn more and apply here.

Office of Undergraduate Admission
Illinois Institute of Technology
Perlstein Hall, Room 101
10 West 33rd Street  •  Chicago, IL 60616-3793


Beacon College (FL): Register now for next Open House

Registration is open for our next Open House

Upcoming Open House Event:
May 19th, 2018  |  10am – 3pm

The Right College makes all the difference when you are a student who struggles with an LD, ADHD, or other learning difference. With our focus on career-oriented coursework, work experience, and the tools for academic success, students who learn differently succeed at Beacon. Encourage your students who learn differently to begin the journey to their success at our May 19th Open House.

Students’ day will include a campus tour, lunch, and the opportunity to speak with representatives from admissions, financial aid, residence life, student clubs and organizations, and much more. Students and families will also learn about our SPECIAL SCHOLARSHIPS ranging from $2,000 to $20,000 each year, available only to students with learning disabilities.

May 19th, 2018
10 a.m. – 3 p.m.
Student Center
118 E. Main Street
Leesburg, FL 34748

Easy Online Registration

Please forward this email to parents of students you believe may benefit from Beacon College’s innovative and transformational learning experience.

If students are unable to attend on May 19th, they can schedule a private visitonline at any time.

For questions or assistance, call us at 855-220-5376 or email admissions@beaconcollege.edu.


Dale Herold
VP of Admissions and Enrollment

Beacon College Logo
For more than a quarter century, Beacon College has been the recognized leader in offering affordable, career-focused baccalaureate degree programs for students with learning disabilities, ADHD and other learning differences. Our impressive results speak for themselves:

Beacon College
4-Year Graduation Rate
Beacon’s 10-year average for
students completing their
degree in 4 years


National Average
4-Year Graduation Rate
National 10-year average
for ALL students, with and
without an LD (Source: NECS)

Have your students joined raise.me?

Through Raise.me, high school students can earn scholarship credit immediately through their everyday school activities, such as participating in extracurriculars or getting an A in a course. Learn more here and encourage your students to begin earning scholarships up to $32,000. Current juniors may be eligible for a $4,000 scholarship by attending the March 24 Open House!

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Beacon College | 105 East Main Street | Leesburg, FL 34748 | www.BeaconCollege.edu

Marist College (NY): Summer 2018 Pre-College Introduction

Students still have time to apply to the Marist Summer Pre-College Program! There are over 16 programs to choose from, all located on our beautiful campus in the historic Hudson River Valley.

Students have the option to attend for 2 or 4 weeks and will earn 3-6 college credits respectively. They will be able to thrive in & out of the classroom and meet other like-minded individuals.

There will be two sessions offered at our Poughkeepsie, NY Campus:

Session 1: July 1 – July 14, 2018

Session 2: July 15 – July 28, 2018

For further information about Pre-College and a complete list of programs offered visit: www.marist.edu/precollege

We encourage students to submit their application online today! Please do not hesitate to reach out with any further questions or concerns.



Jaclyn Fitzgerald ’11

Director of Summer Pre-College Admission

Connect With Us:
Contact Info:

Marist College

Office of Undergraduate Admission

3399 North Rd

Poughkeepsie, NY 12601

Phone: 845.575.3226

Email: admission@marist.edu

Beacon College’s (FL) Summer For Success: HS Students Immersion

We help students with LD/ADHD explore their interests while preparing for college

Beacon College's Summer for Success
We encourage college-bound rising juniors and seniors with LD/ADHD to apply for our unique 3-week Summer for Success immersion progam. This incredible experience prepares students for the transition to college with personalized, strategic coursework as well as off-campus activities, while living on our campus in Leesburg, FL with other students who learn differently.
Students participate in two core classes designed to develop the skills needed for college success, as well as their choice of elective. We are excited to offer a variety of hands-on, goal-oriented courses for students to explore their personal interests:
Preparing for College Mathematics
Creative Writing
Sports & Recreation
Introduction to Animation
Technology Skills & Applications
Food Preparation Basics
Fundamentals of Drawing
A Special Dynamic: Humans & Animals
Click HERE for a complete, detailed program description and a typical day’s schedule. Scholarships for the Summer for Success program are available for students in need, but they should apply early for first-come first-serve consideration.
While living on campus at Beacon College, summer students will:
Participate in two core courses and one additional class from nearly a dozen electives.
Experience what it’s like to live and learn on a college campus.
Learn, from current Beacon students, how to self-advocate and make the most of essential college support programs.
Participate in a wide range of campus activities and join in weekend excursions to such venues as the Kennedy Space Center, Orlando theme parks, and area beaches.
Why Beacon College?

For more than a quarter century, Beacon College has been the recognized leader in offering affordable, career-focused baccalaureate degree programs for students with learning disabilities, ADHD and other learning differences. Our impressive results speak for themselves:

Rate (10yr avg)
Beacon Graduates Employed
or Pursuing Continuing
and Graduate Study
For questions or assistance, call us at 855-220-5376 or email admissions@beaconcollege.edu.
Many thanks for your assistance.

Dale Herold
VP of Admissions and Enrollment

Gettysburg College (PA): 2018 Summer Programs for HS Students

Gettysburg College is offering a number of academic summer programs for high school students.  

Gettysburg College is excited to offer several opportunities for high school students over the summer months. Subjects include psychology, creative writing, or information technology — learn more about our summer programming below!


Allegheny College (PA) 2018 Summer Camps for High School Students

We would like to invite students to two different summer opportunities at Allegheny that will expose them to college life and our innovative curriculum. The Allegheny College Summer Academy and Creek Camp welcomes applications from rising juniors and seniors with high school graduation years of 2019 and 2020.

Summer Academy
The Allegheny College Summer Academy offers an enriching pre-college experience for motivated high school students. We’ve designed the Summer Academy to help talented young people explore their academic interests, build connections, and take an important step in their pathways to college — and their futures.

Students will have the opportunity to:

  • Learn from Allegheny’s expert faculty
  • Earn college credit
  • Enjoy all that our historic and beautiful campus has to offer
  • Get a preview of the excitement and challenge of college life
  • Explore varied disciplines by choosing a morning and afternoon academic session in different subjects such as Chemistry, Theater, Environmental Studies, History, and Physics.

Choose from individual sessions or both:
Session I // July 15-20, 2018 or Session II // July 22-27, 2018Visit the Summer Academy website to learn more about the program and the application process. The deadline to apply is May 15.

Creek Camp
Open to high school freshman, sophomores, and juniors with graduation years of 2019 to 2021, Creek Camp is a great experience for students who are interested in studying environmental science in college or those who simply love the outdoors. While living on campus, campers will participate in various activities and study freshwater ecology in the beautiful streams of Northwestern Pennsylvania.

Creek Campers will:

  • Practice hands-on, field-based research on topics related to watershed health
  • Enjoy a preview of college life by staying in residence halls on Allegheny’s historic campus, one of the most beautiful college campuses in the nation and rated by the Sierra Club as one of the greenest colleges (with a score of 96 out of 99)
  • Work alongside environmental science professionals in one of the oldest and most highly respected environmental science programs in the country ranked #4 in the nation by EnvironmentalScience.org.

Choose from two different sessions:
Session I // June 24-29, 2018 or Session II // July 8-13, 2018

Visit the Creek Camp website for more information or download the Creek Camp brochure.

I hope your students will spend some time learning at Allegheny this summer!


Cornell B. LeSane, II
Vice President for Enrollment & Dean of Admissions

Allegheny College
520 North Main Street | Meadville, PA 16335