Greetings from Pitzer College in sunny California!

Founded in 1963, Pitzer College is a nationally ranked undergraduate college of the liberal arts and sciences located in Los Angeles County and a member of The Claremont Consortium.

On August 22 the college welcomed 260 first-year students who make up the Class of 2019. Refer to our first-year profile, on the website, and take a quick look at our accomplished class of change agents.

Fall Preview Pitzer Day

Pitzer College will be hosting one Preview Pitzer Day this year on Friday, October 30.  Prospective students will have an opportunity to spend a full day on Pitzer’s campus with their families.  Students will interact with other prospective students, meet the Admission and Financial Aid staff, enjoy conversations with faculty, eat lunch on campus and explore all Pitzer has to offer.  In addition, students coming from outside of Southern California will be given an opportunity to spend the night on campus the Thursday before the program. Check our website for more information.

Campus Updates
It has been a busy summer at Pitzer as we make improvements across campus, renovating facilities and expanding our lauded, low-water landscaping. Here are some highlights:

  • Pitzer welcomed new Sagehens Athletic Director, Lesley Irvine, who joined Pomona-Pitzer Athletics in June.
  • Pitzer’s Vacinne Development Institute, in partnership with the University of Botswana, began clinical field tests on its first vacinne this summer.
  • Facilities is removing grass turf in selected areas and installing drought-tolerant landscaping to help save water and comply with recent California state-mandated water-use reductions.
  • Facilities has replaced traditional water-flushing urinals with waterless fixtures in various buildings around campus.
  • In July, Pitzer was represented on a divestment panel at the California Higher Education Sustainability Conference in San Francisco.
  • Interim President, Thomas Poon, welcomes faculty, students, parents and staff to campus for Pitzer’ 52nd year of transformative liberal arts education.
  • Pitzer College’s search for its 6th president is underway. Pitzer’s impressive trajectory in recent years, its membership in The Claremont Colleges consortium, and its unique place in the world of higher education all make the Pitzer presidency a highly desirable postion.
  • Pitzer parents and Trustees hosted New Student Welcome events in eleven cities including Hong Kong, Washington D.C., Boston, New York, South Pasadena, Seattle, Chicago, Denver, Beverly Hills, Portland, and San Rafael.

Pitzer College, Undergraduate Admissions - 1050 N Mills Ave – Claremont, CA 91711 – 909.621.8129

Dates to Remember

Early Decision I
Nov 15, 2015 Application due
Nov 15, 2015 CSS/Financial Aid PROFILE due
Nov 15, 2015 Interviews due (optional)
Dec 18, 2015 Decisions mailed
Jan 15, 2016 Commitment deposits due
Feb 1, 2016 FAFSA due
Mar 2, 2016 Cal Grant program deadline (CA residents only)
Early Decision II
December 15, 2015 Interviews due (optional)
Jan 1, 2016 Application due
Jan 1, 2016 CSS/Financial Aid PROFILE due
Feb 1, 2016 FAFSA due
Feb 12, 2016 Decisions mailed
Mar 1, 2016 Commitment deposits due
Mar 2, 2016 Cal Grant program deadline (CA residents only)
Regular Decision
Dec 15, 2015 Interviews due (optional)
Jan 1, 2016 Application due
Feb 1, 2016 FAFSA and CSS/Financial Aid PROFILE due
Mar 2, 2016 Cal Grant program deadline (CA residents only)
Apr 1, 2016 Decisions mailed
May 1, 2016 Commitment deposits due
On-Campus Events
Oct 29-Oct 31, 2015 Fall Diversity Program for high school seniors
Oct 30, 2015 Preview Pitzer Day for high school seniors
Apr 21-Apr 23, 2016 Spring Diversity Program for admitted students
Apr 22, 2016 Spring Admitted Student Day

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