Northeastern University (MA): Welcome to the 2015-16 Academic Year

A Northeastern Welcome to the 2015-2016 Academic Year

Hopefully you’ve had a wonderful summer and a great start to your school year. At Northeastern University, we just welcomed our exceptionally talented 118th entering class and invite you to view their profile.

I’d like to share some information regarding our upcoming 2015–2016 admission cycle:

Early Decision
We are excited to once again offer Early Decision as an additional option alongside Early Action and Regular Decision this year. Last year, fall admission was offered to 31% of the ED applicant pool, 25% of the EA applicant pool, and 28% of the pool overall. After a successful pilot last year, we will once again offer a select group of ED applicants a non-binding admission decision for The Program.
Federal Need-Based Aid
Northeastern remains committed to meeting full demonstrated need for entering students who are eligible for federal need-based aid. Learn more about the financial aid program and the Northeastern Promise below.
Visiting Northeastern
As you know, there is no better way for students to evaluate college fit than by visiting campus.
Torch Scholars Program
Do you know an exceptional first-generation prospective college student who is still working to reach his or her full potential due to particularly difficult circumstances? Our Torch Scholars Program may be the right fit.
Connecting With Us
If students have questions, Northeastern’s admission officers are here to help with individualized information and guidance. You can look up your high school’s Northeastern admissions counselor on our website.
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We hope students will continue to explore everything Northeastern has to offer.


Ronné Patrick Turner
Associate Vice President for Enrollment & Dean of Admissions
Northeastern University

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