Happenings on the Hill from Kenyon College, September 2015

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Happenings on the Hill

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September 2015

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To Do: Visit Campus

Visit Kenyon any time! Learn about more events and register online.

Tips to Stay Sane

  • At college fairs, don’t just grab brochures. Lose your inhibitions! Talk to people, ask questions, listen to other students’ questions, and learn about colleges you’ve never heard of before.
  • Don’t get hung up on the idea of a “good fit” or “perfect match” in your college search. There are many colleges that will fit you, not just one.

Along Middle Path

A Fresh Start

Class of 2019

Meet the 493 members joining the Class of 2019.

Open Table

Community Feast

Kenyon welcomes students, faculty, staff and community members for a feast held along Middle Path.

Summer Matters

Jules Desroches

How Jules Desroches ’18 and four other students took advantage of their summer vacations.

Joining the Fight

Joining the Fight

Six Kenyon students researched cancer at Ohio State this summer through Kenyon’s Pelotonia partnership.

Nature Preserved

Brown Family Environmental Center

The Brown Family Environmental Center celebrates 20 years of providing students a living laboratory.

That’s So Kenyon

Unpacking the Class of 2019

What did the Class of 2019 bring to Kenyon? We asked first-year students on move-in day what they couldn’t live without.

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After Kenyon

Amber Kraus

Studio art and art history major Amber Kraus ’15 lands a position in the sustainability department of a prominent real estate building company.

Ask the Dean

Darryl Uy

Can I really afford a private college like Kenyon? Read what Dean of Admissions Diane Anci has to say, or ask her a question of your own.

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