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Goucher Video Application update.

Last fall, Goucher made national headlines for creating the first college application process with a video as the decisive factor when evaluating students for admission, the Goucher Video Application (GVA). We’ve received many questions about how the initiative turned out, and we’re extremely pleased to share the results:

• 64 students applied using the GVA.
• 52% self-identified as students of color.
• 30 majors are represented, including undecided.
• 51 students were admitted.
• 17 students enrolled at Goucher.

Students who applied via the GVA were later required to send their transcripts to show proof of high school graduation. The average high school GPA of GVA applicants was similar to that of our other enrolled students.

The GVA was an enormous success for us, because it attracted high-quality and diverse students who didn’t feel as if the traditional college application process enabled them to present their best attributes.

Students who are stressed about the college admissions process or want a different way to tell their story, please encourage them to consider the Goucher Video Application. You can learn more about the process here.

Best wishes for a fantastic school year!

Corky Surbeck
Director of Admissions
Goucher College

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