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Gymnastics alumna Jessica Lopez placed 14th overall at the Rio Olympics! #GoPioneers


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Inspired To Make a Change in Uganda

In Kampala, Uganda, the hometown of Shem Kikamaze ’16, frequent power outages are a way of life. While some might accept the unreliable electrical grid as a given in a developing nation, Shem determined at a young age to help solve the problem. Having just earned a degree in electrical engineering from the University of Denver (on a full-tuition Fraiberg Scholarship), Shem intends to apply his knowledge and experience to making a lasting impact in his home country.

Read Shem’s profile

When Failure Is an Opportunity

When Failure Is an Opportunity

If you watched the Rio 2016 Olympics, you may have noticed a common thread through many of the athletes’ personal stories: more often than not, they had to overcome significant failures and disappointments before achieving the success that ultimately propelled them to the Olympics.
In a recent article published in The Huffington Post, DU’s director of sport and performance psychology, Mark Aoyagi, explains:

“Failure and success are quite relative, and what seems to be a failure in the short run can often lead to success.”

Read the entire article, “3 Things Failure Can Teach You About Success, According to These Athletes.”

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DU Aims for Zero Waste at Hockey Games

The University of Denver has launched an ambitious program to institute “zero waste” hockey games at the Ritchie Center this season. Zero waste is defined by the EPA as reaching at least a 90% diversion-from-landfill rate via reducing, reusing, recycling, and composting.

Partners and volunteers across campus will work together to educate and equip the DU community and Pioneer fans to reach this important goal toward becoming an even more sustainable campus.

Want to learn about other sustainability efforts at DU? Be sure to check out the numerous programs underway at the Center for Sustainability.

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Want to know what life as a DU student is really like? Our student-led virtual tour provides a great overview of our campus and the many opportunities that await future Pioneers!


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