The Haven at College Introduces the Mentoring & Monitoring Program

Is it just partying or is it a problem?

The Haven at College introduces Mentoring and Monitoring:
The Missing Link in Addressing Substance Misuse
on College Campuses

Mentoring & Monitoring is an innovative program developed by the Haven at College leveraging recent findings from a Harvard University study which indicate the connection between peer support and positive recovery outcomes (Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment, May 2016).  This twelve-week program, based on a harm reduction model, is designed to change unhealthy behaviors, improve student conduct, and allow students to take a hard and informed look at their substance use patterns.

We at The Haven at College are dedicated to providing the solutions to the problem of substance misuse on college campuses.

Mentoring and Monitoring Components

Disrupting Addiction on College Campuses

Currently available in • Los Angeles • Philadelphia
San Francisco • Santa Barbara • Redlands

For more information: Tel 310 822 1234
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