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‘Thank you for being late’

Test-optional: one year in
In our first year of test-optional applications, Cornell enrolled students who very likely would not have considered Cornell otherwise—and we’re thrilled they’re here.

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Travel on the block plan
Cornell students get a lot of opportunity to travel on the block plan, but they’re not the only ones on the road. The block plan is also very conducive to bringing in visiting faculty or industry experts to teach classes and workshops for 18 days. This Block many of our theatre students are getting to work with New York filmmaker and professor Brian Sloan on screenwriting.

Behavioral neuroscience
Cornell’s psychology department has created a concentration path of behavioral neuroscience for our psychology major. This course of study focuses on the interaction of behavior with biologically based systems, including the nervous system, neural transmission, and hormones. This concentration will prepare students for research-oriented positions in human or animal behaviors, health-related careers, or graduate study in behavioral neuroscience.

STEM Scholars Program

Cornell’s new STEM Scholars Program
For fall 2017 Cornell has launched a STEM Scholars Program in partnership with the National Science Foundation. Our launch goal is to award 10 STEM Scholarships to incoming first-year students and 4 STEM Scholarships to transfer students. This is a renewable, competitive academic scholarship with a needs-based component based on Pell eligibility, so it’s important that students complete the FAFSA as soon as possible. More than a scholarship, awarded students will be immersed into a living-learning community and mentoring program that follows them through graduation.

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Cultivating entrepreneurship
Is entrepreneurship an innate drive or can it be taught? While that question may be up for debate, students at Cornell vie for the chance to take an innovative entrepreneurship intensive offered each fall where they can try their hand at problem-solving to learn if they have what it takes.

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