Mary Baldwin University (VA)

We wanted to take the time to introduce you to the many wonderful opportunities available for students at Mary Baldwin University. Mary Baldwin is a distinctive small university located in the beautiful Staunton, Virginia, close to Harrisonburg and Charlottesville.  Beginning in Fall 2017, at Mary Baldwin University men and women can experience our fast track-career programs through our residential University College by participating in any one of these signature living and learning communities: 

  • Murphy Deming Scholars in the Health Professions:  Students can earn their degree in health sciences, biology, chemistry, or psychology in three years and enter graduate school early with a professional portfolio of internships, clinical shadowing, and research.
  • Education Leaders:  Students can earn a bachelor’s degree and a Master of Arts in Teaching in four years and enter the workforce licensed in one or more high demand areas, prepared to lead in the classroom and beyond.
  • Shakespeare and Performance: Immersive cultural experiences leading to Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in 4 or 5 years (Master of Letters in Shakespeare; Master of Arts in Teaching; Micro-MBA).  Students will learn from experienced, talented, and professional faculty as well as esteemed guest artists.

Within the residential College for Women, there are even more unique learning opportunities for your students: 

  • Women Entrepreneurs:  A pioneering new living learning community leading to a certificate in entrepreneurship and an MBA in four years.
  • Virginia Women’s Institute for Leadership:  The nation’s only cadet corps for women, VWIL is a premiere leadership program that supports the self-discipline needed to succeed in military and civilian life.
  • Program for the Exceptionally Gifted:  Skip all or part of high school through this immersive, accelerated path to a bachelor’s degree.

Experience the Leadership Advantage.  This signature set of experiences will prepare you well for your future.  You will connect ideas with action through:

  • Exceptional academics guided by faculty who are committed to student success; 56 majors and minors
  • Opportunities for experiential learning, in and out of the classroom; 570 leadership positions
  • Personal and professional development, so students can translate their education into career success

Please visit our website here for more information on these exciting programs and new initiatives.

We look forward to hopefully being able to schedule a time to meet with students about the wonderful initiatives taking place at Mary Baldwin University.


Amber Michelle Wilkins
Interim Director of Admissions

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