Babson College: Intro to the Entrepreneurial Experience for H.S. Students

Consider Babson College and the Summer Study for High School Students: Introduction to the Entrepreneurial Experience, a residential program from July 6 through August 4, 2018, that gives you real-world experience while building your business knowledge and entrepreneurial skills.
Babson College is committed to creating access for all qualified applicants by offering need-based financial aid. To make the process easier, we wanted to share answers to some of the most frequently asked questions students and parents ask our staff.
How many Summer Study students receive financial aid?
Last year, 30 percent of all Summer Study participants received full or partial financial aid. This included 24 full-tuition scholarships, as well as travel expenses in some cases.
Is there a way to waive the application fee?
On page 7 of the 2018 Summer Study Application, please indicate that you would like to be considered for Financial Aid on the Scholarships and Financial Aid page. Then, on the last page of the 2018 Summer Study Application, please select “I need an application fee waiver,” so you will be directed to the 2018 Summer Study Financial Aid form.
What types of merit and need-based scholarships are available?
Here’s an example of just a few of the available scholarships, visit our page to view a full list of available Summer Study scholarships.
  • Women’s Leadership Scholarship: This scholarship is designated for academically qualified female applicants who have demonstrated superior leadership skills in their high school experience.
  • Social Innovation Scholarship: Students who have applied or intend to apply their leadership and talents to social innovation as students and in their future should apply for this grant.
  • Diversity Scholarship: This scholarship is designated for academically qualified applicants who have demonstrated the ability to build inclusive communities across identities such as race, ethnicity, religion, social class, nationality, (dis)ability, sexual preference, and gender expression.
What documents do I need to apply for financial aid?
To be able to complete the Financial Aid form online, you also will need to upload a copy of each parent’s 2017 or 2016 tax return. International students or non-U.S. applicants should submit a copy of the most recent annual income tax filing or wage statement for each parent.
When do we hear about financial aid decisions?
Students will be notified of their financial aid and scholarship awards by April 16, 2018, along with their admission decision.
Learn more about this program and apply. The application deadline is March 1, 2018.
We look forward to receiving your application.
Courtney Minden
Dean, Undergraduate Admission
Babson College
Youth Entrepreneurial Leadership Programs, Babson College, Babson Park, MA 02457

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