Do you know your school counselor?

This is a question I frequently pose to students (and their parents) when I conduct college planning programs, and it’s one of the questions I pose to new clients in my practice. And another question is, “Does your school counselor know you?”

As a veteran school counselor of thirty years, one of my priorities was always to attempt to see my counselees regularly (3-4 times) each year during high school. Is it easy? Absolutely not, so I counted on them to help. I encouraged them to schedule an appointment to see me, if time lapsed over two months since our last meeting.

Suppose your counselor hasn’t met you. What should you do? Then schedule an appointment to introduce or “re-introduce” yourself to him/her. Simply say, “It’s been a while since we’ve chatted and I’d like to update you on what I’ve been doing.” Another approach is, “I’ve been thinking about colleges and careers and I’d like to talk to you about it.”  Or, take the initiative to ask for academic help.

It’s easier for us to write letters of recommendation when we know more about you than just your GPA and test scores. Colleges will find this information on your transcript and school secondary report form, so help us share information about you that will be impressive, not redundant.

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