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Help students with LD/ADHD get back on track this semester


If you know a currently enrolled college student with LD/ADHD who is experiencing challenges in their academic studies, you can help them “get back on track” this semester with a unique Breakthrough Semester at Beacon College.

If their undergraduate record is currently compromised by their learning difference, we can help determine if the Breakthrough Semester is a good fit. During this semester-long program, they’ll pursue a course of study and targeted plan of action that will give them new skills, perspectives, and ambitions — and help them secure or regain solid academic footing.

As a Breakthrough Semester participant, they’ll learn how to:

  • Make the most of their intellectual talents;
  • Identify their own personal learning style and strengths;
  • Activate and reinforce core academic skills and habits;
  • Forge a course of action for future college success;
  • Reset their academic and career trajectory;
  • Build basic academic skills; and
  • Thrive as a valued member of Beacon’s welcoming living-and-learning community.

Please forward this email to parents of students you believe may benefit from Beacon College’s innovative and transformative Breakthrough Semester. For more information or to request additional materials to share with students and families, please contact the Office of Admissions at 855-220-5376 or email

Many thanks for your assistance.

Dale Herold
VP of Admissions and Enrollment Management

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Beacon’s Breakthrough Semester
Features Three Key Components:

Targeted and Individualized Learning Path developed to address the students needs and strengthen the specific learning skills essential for their progress.
Guided Self-Discovery in the Classroom to help them better understand their learning difference(s), and how they can leverage their learning style for greater classroom performance.
A Plan for Success that will include a step-by-step plan addressing their current learning challenges in future studies.
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