Georgia Tech Fall Minute

Happy Fall!

By now, I’m guessing your tan is fading and you are knee-deep in traveling college reps. First, thank you for the bottle of water and warm reception. It’s always nice to see a friendly face on the road. I have to be honest with you, though, in visiting schools, I’m always moderately depressed. Sure, it’s partly the number of out-of-tune tubas and lack of appreciation for references to John Hughes movies, but it’s more so the anxiety surrounding the admission process.

Our goal is to be a transparent resource and to assist in calming families’ nerves, so we created a video to help them better understand how we review applications. We hope irony will work its magic and demonstrate through animated characters that admission is actually a very human and personal experience. We also consistently tackle these topics on our blog.

Finally, our Early (some may argue too early) Action deadline is October 15. That is also the deadline for students who wish to be considered for the Stamps President’s Scholars Program.

Go Jackets!
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Rick Clark
Director of Undergraduate Admission
First-Year Application Information
We have a few important bits of information regarding our admission process this year:

  • The Early Action (non-binding) deadline is October 15, and the Regular Decision deadline is January 1. As you know, we will not read every application on October 16, so please submit your portion(s) as soon as possible following the application deadline(no later than December 1 for Early Action applicants).
  • While students may not specifically apply for the summer term, we do enroll a summer first-year class of 400 students.
  • Students may self-report their test scores via the Common Application or Coalition Application for us to utilize in file review. Only if the student is accepted and chooses to enroll at Georgia Tech must they submit official test scores.
Progress and Service
What do cybersecurity skills, a long-distance girlfriend, competitive spirit, and the Make-A-Wish Foundation have in common? Ask Ryan.
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