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  • Welcome back!
  • Coalition webinar Oct 3 – see what’s new
  • Computer science expands freshman admission
  • Direct to College (Engineering) admitted student stats
  • New staff members joining recruitment team
  • Redesigned admissions website
University Of Washington Students
Welcome back!
New Huskies take annual “W” photo after Convocation (Sept. 23, 2018)
This fall, the University of Washington welcomed the largest freshman class in UW history.
Coalition webinar October 3
Join us for a webinar October 3 at 8:00 a.m. Pacific Time to learn about changes to how students self-report their coursework (including reporting Running Start and other dual credit courses) and more. Advance registration requested.
Computer science expands freshman admission
Beginning with the freshman class of 2019, the largest pathway into the computer science major at the UW will be via direct admission. The expansion of the Direct to Major program for computer science assures more freshmen at the point of admission that they can pursue computer science. Additionally, it will provide students with an improved four-year experience, beginning in the first year.

To be considered for the Direct to Major program for computer science, students must list computer science as their first-choice major on the UW application. Many applicants who list computer science as their first-choice major will be admitted to the UW but not directly admitted to computer science. While some space will remain for them, as well as those who wish to apply to computer science later in their academic careers, those opportunities will be correspondingly fewer. Therefore, students enrolling at UW without direct admission to computer science should be prepared to pursue a different major. Some students choose related majors, such as informatics, applied and computational mathematical science, geographical information systems and others. The Allen School also offers a range of courses, including upper-division courses, for non-majors that may supplement other interests.

New Admissions website
This summer we redesigned the Admissions website to include new pages for you and your students.

If you have bookmarked any UW Admissions pages, please note that some URLs have changed and may need to be updated.
Direct to College (Engineering) admission statistics
Beginning with the autumn 2018 applicant pool, students who listed engineering as their first-choice major on their UW application were considered for Direct to College admission in the College of Engineering. The results of that first cycle are in, and 58% of students who were admitted to the UW and who requested engineering majors were admitted Direct to College with the assigned major of “Engineering Undeclared.” The following ranges apply to those students.

High school GPA: 3.3-4.0 (on a 4.0 scale)
ACT: 20-36
SAT (EBW + M): 1050-1600

New staff members joining recruitment team
The Office of Admissions has experienced some transition this summer. Matt Bishop, Isabel Bethke and Joseph Fisher left us for graduate school and a job at UCSD. However, we’re very pleased to announce the appointment of two new staff members.

  • Aubrey Weaver, Assistant Director of Admissions (Meet Aubrey)
  • Alishia Ruff, Admissions Counselor (Meet Alishia)

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