Am I my brother’s keeper?


Many people are in dismay by the recent report of a student discovered dead in his room; especially, collegians at University of Chicago. Residents of International House are probably more alarmed that they had no idea of the circumstances, until foul odor penetrated the building. Speculations indicate that the student might have been dead for at least seven days.  So here’s the is it that no one notices you are missing, not around, unavailable, and not in class for seven days??  Would you want that to happen to you?


Those of us on the east coast have been hammered by numerous snow storms.  Did anyone check on a neighbor not seen during this havoc?  Due to the various logistics of housing areas, those who live in heavily populated vicinities may be more obvious to their neighbors, than those residents in isolated areas.  However, wouldn’t you think a college residence hall would be considered a populated building with lots of “human traffic;” able to notice something-out-of-sorts?  Just the social nature of college students gives a residence hall a feeling of community.  Or, has that changed? 

Am I my brother’s keeper?  The answer to that question is between you and your conscience.   Surely, there is a message for us all in this unfortunate story.


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