Will I Need My SAT To Get A Job???




Just when you thought you only needed to worry about SAT scores for college admission…SPOILER’S ALERT…you might need them for your job.  Yes, the new chatter is that some companies are requesting them at job interviews, and some human resource specialists say an impressive score could be a perk for a resume.  However, if submitted without request, the double-edged sword of an illustrious assessment could be interpreted as a form of vanity by some employers, so tread gingerly when posting scores.


As with college admissions, it is assumed that the scores, if requested, represent one of many factors for considering a prospective employee.  Even if an interviewer chooses to inquire about your high school years, extracurricular activities, particularly those with leadership and community service commitment, are positive attributes.   




To get an update on this new trend read the article, “Job Hunting?  Dig Up Those Old SAT Scores.”






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