Sadness surrounds the Connecticut tragedy

As the nation mourns this tragedy, the “powers that be” need to seriously pursue interventions that will prevent this type of atrocity from happening again.  Schools and churches are expected to be safe havens for all; it’s an assumption.  However, the security of schools, at all levels, has become very vulnerable and this is sad.  Students expect to be safe within the building, regardless of whether they are motivated for the learning environment.

I heard an interview yesterday in which a former criminal justice employee said we will not learn from the Connecticut

Sadness surrounds school tragedy

experience, and it will happen again.  It is unfortunate that once this emotional event passes, all will be forgotten, as have others.  Some people talk a good game, but nothing substantial happens.

The innocence of the young victims is unforgettable.  In respect to their loss of life, we need to take back our schools, and return them to their original purpose…a safe haven for learning.


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