Scholarship Opportunity for Video Game Design & Related Majors

There was a time when my male students pursued video game design and the females inquired about fashion design/merchandising.  The script was written; no one was comfortable crossing the line. I could almost do my college counseling with my eyes closed because I knew the direction of the conversation. 

However, as the young ladies became more accepting of their analytical talent and realized it was “ok” to be skilled in mathematics, even more than their male classmates, endless career opportunities surfaced as options.  The forbidden engineering, computer, and video game design majors became viable career aspirations that earlier generations dared not contemplate. 

Times are changing; the wheels are in motion.  Numbers are still staggering for women and minorities but there are supporters trying to provide a scholarship incentive to enhance prospective college students. 

To encourage diversity in the computer and video game industry and support the development of its future leaders, Entertainment Software Association Foundation (ESAF) provides annual scholarships to women and minority students pursuing video game-related undergraduate degrees at a four-year institution. The scholarship application deadline is May 15, 2014.  Visit for more information about ESAF and the scholarship.

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