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Eckerd College, located in St. Petersburg, on Florida’s Gulf Coast will be offering a new major, Film Studies, and they would like to share information about their Fall Open House and the Autumn Term.  Read the following updates from their Counselor’s Newsletter, Triton Times.


Fall Open House has been scheduled for Monday, November 10, 2014. Please pass along this information to students who might be interested in visiting us.


Eckerd is very excited to announce our newest major, Film Studies. This interdisciplinary program integrates the theory and history of film with an appreciation of cinema as a medium for the expression of ideas and of culture. True to the liberal arts focus of Eckerd, the major requires students to develop a foundation in the elements and theory of film but then provides the flexibility for students to take courses in genre, auteur and topics, film production and other interdisciplinary courses.

Academically, our Film Studies program helps students to continue to develop critical skills in reading, writing and the analysis/synthesis of information. The interdisciplinary approach allows students the opportunity to take courses in areas such as The Horror Film, Chinese Martial Arts in Literature and Film, and Bible and Culture: American Film, among many others.

In addition to the academics of Film Studies, we also have a year-round International Cinema Series every Friday night and are host to a number of different film festivals in the Tampa Bay Area, including the Environmental Film Festival and Surreal Film Festival. For the Surreal Film Festival, our students make films for the competition. Additionally, one of our Winter Term trips each January takes students to the Sundance Film Festival. Perfect for someone who loves film, this gives the students three weeks to watch and analyze film as well as meet with those in the film industry.


Autumn Term is the most distinctive program at Eckerd College. No other college or university in the United States has a program of this kind. Each year, our new students come to campus three weeks before the Fall Term begins. With just our 500 new students on campus (and some Resident Advisors too, of course), students have an easy transition to the academic and social life here.

Academically, Autumn Term helps students get a sense of the educational philosophy and style of an Eckerd education while also helping them understand what the academic expectations are. There are 23 different classes offered each year, specifically designed to be engaging (and fun!) providing a gentle transition to college academics. Some popular classes this year are: Youth Culture and Visual Media, Narratives of Sail, Florida’s Fragile Environment and Bombs, Zombies, Plagues, Waste. A complete list of classes offered this year is available to view on our website.

We also recognize that the social and personal transitions to college life are equally important. Students participating in Autumn Term live in their residence hall, participate in campus activities and explore the St. Petersburg area. There are nearly 100 activities planned during these three weeks. Our goal is to help students make Eckerd their home while helping them connect with each other, finding students with similar interests to their own.

Why Autumn Term? Eckerd is different. Each year, we have approximately 500 first-year students, 83% from outside Florida, and 94% of students (sometimes more) are the only student from their high school attending. Autumn Term helps us connect students to the campus and to each other before the upperclassmen return. When students talk about their Eckerd experience, Autumn Term is always a central part of that narrative.


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