Tips for chic, yet appropriate, back-to-school attire

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The fashionistas are in full swing now, due to the 2014-15 school year.  Some have already strutted their new outfits to school while others are waiting to showcase their purchases in a few weeks.  The hot days of August always mean one thing..back to school!!


As teenagers are planning their school wardrobe, and specifically for the first day, they should make sure their flare for fashion will be appropriate.  If they are not certain, I strongly suggest they read their school’s policy on “appropriate attire,”  before entering the building.  Even adults have to consider the significance of work attire as a “make-or-break” career choice.  Attentiveness to this issue as a high school student is a good career prep.


I’ve known many students who had to call home and ask mom to bring clothes to school; borrow a sweater or cover-up; as well as those who had to turn t-shirts inside-out.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a fashion cop and I love to indulge …you should check out my closet.  However, there is a time and place for everything and some fads are not appropriate for school.


Here are some fashion “no-no’s” to use as a guide:

1.  Skirts and dresses that are too short

2.  Revealing tops; exposed cleavage

3.  Gang insignia

4.  Inappropriate language on clothing

5.  Hats/caps (not allowed in some schools)

6.  Tops that are too short

7.  Pants that are worn too far below the waist; mid-thigh area

8.  Undergarments that are visible (boxers, panties)


This is just a general guideline.  Inquire at school, if in doubt, before making an embarrassing fashion statement.  You also do not want to display an inappropriate image, or have a wardrobe malfunction, in front of a teacher or counselor who will be asked to evaluate your judgment or character for college and/or part-time job.


Young men who insisted on wearing low-riders to school had an option when they came to my school counseling office; pull up the pants or stand during our meetings.  Sitting in my chairs in their underwear was not an option; they all preferred to sit.

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