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Welcome to Issue 18 of the Triton Times! In this issue we focus on the Geosciences major, a spotlight on some of our favorite fall campus activities, a student and alumni profile and our counselor resources.

A few dates to remember:

November 10 – Fall Open House. We invite students to join us to explore the campus and to learn about what Eckerd has to offer.
November 15 – Eckerd’s Early Action deadline. Students whose completed application and supporting materials are received by November 15will be mailed their admission decision on or before December 15.

Geoscience Major

Who determines the safest places to build a new bridge in a place prone to earthquakes? Who finds underground water reserves that can be used to produce geothermal energy? Who predicts the next volcanic eruptions? Answer: Geoscientists. Eckerd’s Geosciences major prepares students to become professional scientists in terrestrial and marine geological environments. We offer both a BA and BS degree in Geoscience. The Geosciences major is particularly appropriate for environmental studies students who wish to gain a detailed understanding of our physical environment. Our students have completed internships with places such as the US Geological Survey Center for Coastal and Watershed Studies and the National Science Foundation in Seismology. One of our graduates is currently working on a project to interface sedimentology and computer science, an initiative that will improve efficiency and data integrity in his field.

Fall Fun at Eckerd College

October means fall fun at Eckerd College! Here are a few of our favorite campus activities happening this month:
Run For Your Life! – The Walking Dead television show is a hot favorite right now. Students can participate in Run For Your Life, a 3-mile obstacle course on campus with a zombie theme.

Passions with Professors – Ever wonder what professors do with their time when they’re not teaching? Each month, one professor joins students for Passions with Professors to talk about things they love outside work. This month, Professor Yanira Angulo-Cano from Spanish will talk about her love of hiking all around the world.

ECKtoberfest – If it’s October (in Germany), it’s Oktoberfest! Eckerd will host its own ECKtoberfest with German refreshments and music.

Beach Cleanup with the EC Green Team – The weather is beautiful here year-round and our Green Team organizes several community service opportunities to help with beach cleanup. St. Petersburg was voted as having the best beaches in the country, and best of all, they’re less than ten minutes from campus.

Floating Dodgeball – Beautiful sunny skies and warm weather means we’re still playing in the ocean, even in October. Our Waterfront is hosting a floating dodgeball tournament for students.

Carve or Be Carved – Halloween means pumpkin carving and jack-o-lanterns. This annual events invites students to carve their own pumpkins and enter them into a competition. You can see last year’s pictures on our Flickr page.

Billy Bones – my absolute favorite! Each year, Student Activities hides Billy Bones’…well, bones (from a plastic skeleton) all over campus. Students who find one of Billy’s bones can bring it to Campus Activities for a prize.

Student Highlight
Mallory Akard ‘16
Atlanta, GA
Major: Political Science
Minor: History

Tell us a little about yourself.

I’m a sophomore who has been to Russia and London – all because of Eckerd! I participated in speech and debate in high school for all four years. I currently am an Ambassador and work at Rahall, which is our onsite presentation and public speaking center. I love going kayaking on the weekend with my friends, riding yellow bikes to class, sitting on the patio of the library studying, and going to the gym often.

Why did you decide to attend EC?
I decided to attend EC because of the welcoming environment, small class sizes, and professors’ commitment to their students. All throughout the application and decision process I felt that EC valued me for my current accomplishments and future potential.

Do you have a “that’s so Eckerd” moment? What is it?
Going for a run around campus and passing students playing Frisbee on Kappa field with their dog.

How has Eckerd changed your life?
I have so many more opportunities to travel abroad and meet new people. I have learned so much because of the emphasis placed on meeting new people, gaining new experiences, and doing things on your own.

What are some of your favorite things at Eckerd?
One of my favorite things about Eckerd is how everyone reaches out to each other. No matter what event or organization that you are a part of, you will always find people who are interested in the same things as you.

What is one thing you wish you would have known before coming to Eckerd?
I wish I would have known not to pack so many shoes. I had no idea that it was acceptable to walk around barefoot!

Alumni Highlight
Matt Flege ‘06
Cincinnati, OH
Major: Global Developmental Studies

So I couldn’t help but notice during my first week of Autumn Term at Into the Streets (our annual freshman service-learning day) that it was like a Beach Boys song I once heard… “Two girls for every boy.” Inspired by these high odds I embarked on a path of service throughout my next few years at Eckerd College…

Seriously, though, Service Learning was a big part of my experience and the source of many of my most memorable lessons and experiences. I was active in Eckerd College Homeless Outreach, Spring Break Service Trips, and some of my friends and I founded the Coalition for Community Justice. These experiences were the basis of some of my greatest friendships at Eckerd.

After graduating from Eckerd, I joined the Peace Corps. I served in Jamaica, where I worked for Food for the Poor, and international Christian aid organization. My work included facilitating the construction of houses, distributing food aid to nonprofit and community organizations, and running a small adult education center. For any of you soon-to-be Eckerd grads thinking about the Peace Corps, give me a shout!

My wife Heidi (also an Eckerd grad!) and I recently returned to my hometown of Cincinnati, OH. I currently work for St. Vincent de Paul as the Social Services Team Leader.

New Resources

We know you and your students can’t always come to us so we’ve created a video to bring Eckerd to you. Not only will you be able to see our beautiful campus, you’ll also meet some of our truly amazing students.

Need something for your office? Our counselor page may be just the thing you’re looking for. You can request materials (or a visit) and access our resources page.

We’re also excited about the launch of our new resource “What Can I Do With That Field of Study?” If you have students and families wondering what a degree in Literature or Biology might mean in the future, this is a great resource to point them to.

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