Grades 9-11: Welcome to second semester!


High School Students, Welcome Back to School!!

It’s the beginning of second semester and hopefully all has gone well.  Adjusting to your routine has probably been a little easier than last fall.


Early preparation for May or June semester exams is essential for good grades (A’s and B’s).  Here is a recommended plan:

  • a freshman should review/scan notes 1-2 nights weekly
  • a sophomore should review/scan notes 2-3 nights weekly
  • a junior should review/scan notes 3-4 nights weekly


Juniors, decisions will be based on your academic profile that ends second semester of this year.  Your goal should be to end the year with a record that positively projects your potential for college.


Freshmen, sophomores, and juniors, listed below are other recommendations for second semester:


1.  Discipline yourself to respect deadlines; this is a must for college test (SAT/ACT) registration and college admission.  They adhere strictly to deadlines and do not accept excuses.  Turn in class assignments/homework promptly.


2. Improve your study habits; get ready for college. Prepare well the first time you take a test.  Most colleges do not endorse “retakes” for unsuccessful exams. Don’t start the habit in high school.


3. If you took the PSAT last October, review your score report and correct errors using your test booklet. Get a QuickStart account.


4.  Juniors should register for a spring SAT and/or ACT, if you have not done so.  Make sure you use the correct school code.


5. Try to meet with your school counselor at least once or twice this semester.  He/She could be writing a college recommendation for you in a couple of years.


6.  Be active in class discussions and volunteer to answer questions.  Teachers are asked to comment about your participation in their college recommendations.


7.  Juniors, take advantage of opportunities to articulate with colleges at local fairs, campus visits, seminars, and workshops.



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